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Best odds on the Colts winning the SB

Where do I find the best odds on the Colts winning the next Super Bowl? … and the Skins too;-)

Will Hill are or at least were offering 12’s

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Anders - keep your powder dry at the moment. Online bookmakers traditionally have two periods of overly generous sign-up bonuses in the year (early March before Cheltenham/Grand National & late August for the start of the Football Season). If you sign up with one of those and bet the Colts at approx 10-1 and also have your free bet (£30-£50) on the same team you are effectively doubling the odds, although your ‘freebie’ stake is not returned.

I would recommend BetVictor for NFL they are the only firm to go 20/21 on handicaps. Paddy Power & SkyBet have the most offers

I would guess the main target sponsors for ‘TheFanPub’ forum would be an online betting company? Not sure if Adam has contacted anyone yet with a sponsor, but if that is the case, perhaps you should consider supporting whoever supports us.

Thanks for the info guys - I’ll hold off for now and see what offers are on display in August.