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Baseball season

Evening all - anyone got a view on the new baseball season?

Everything I’ve seen so far suggest that the Washington Nationals have improved on what was already a great team - especially the pitchers where they look to have 5 genuinely very good starters. I’ve had a punt on them at 11/2 to win it all

The other team I like is the Seattle Mariners - good last season after several bad years, and they look to be as strong again this time. I was surprised to see Corals have them at 18/1 for the World Series so I have a little bet on that.

My other interest was in the Royals - I may be a KC homer, but I thought the over / under line at 80.5 wins for the season was too low. Not sure I’ve got the funds to make a just-odds-on shot pay, but any big hitters may want to consider going long on Royals wins for the season.

Any thoughts? Have I wasted my money?!?

I don’t follow baseball (yet) but have a friend stateside who does but is very into the stats and has written books on the game and he has tipped me the Cubs - he feels sure they will win their division, good bet for the conference and maybe the World Series but if not this year defo in the next 3 years with most likelihood 2016.

He thinks they are about to start a dynasty and be a top team thanks to their batters for the next decade.

He advised I get my money on before the odds dropped as everyone starts to see how good they are and the money piles on.

I have not pulled the trigger yet - can’t decide how much to risk - but when I checked after this conversation - about a week ago now - best price using odds checker the Cubs was 4/1 for their own division (3rd fav out of 5 teams), 12/1 for the conference and 25/1 for the pennant / World Series.

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I wouldn’t put any money on the Cubs this year. They definitely have the best crop of young players but for me they are still too raw, and lack the pitching. They are also in a tough division, the Cardinals are probably favourite. They might have a chance next year if the youngster can prove themselves, will be an interesting team to watch.

I always find baseball very tough to call before the season, its such a long season and injuries/mid season trades can alter the landscape pretty quickly. The Nationals will win their division pretty easily, but I don’t see them going all the way. Seattle is not bad a shout, but I don’t like the Cruz addition and don’t think they have the depth in pitching. My dark horses would be The Indians in the AL, and Padres in the NL.

The Cubs do look like a team on the up - but I agree with Chris that being in a division with the Cards (and also the Pirates who I like) means they have a tough task this year. Having said that the division is tough, I would still reckon the Cubs will get a better than 50% record this year and could run the others close

So, I’m not really into baseball, but I’ve been watching the opening day games tonight - first the Mets v Nationals, then Houston Astros v Indians (Houston won!), now San Fran v Arizona. Mainly just because it’s on BT Sport/ESPN, but I also got MLB The Show 15 last week (a PS4 game) so sort of found myself in a baseball mood.

At first I thought the video game must be a bit iffy, as I basically spent 90% of the game either striking people out as a pitcher or not being able to hit the ball as a batter. Turns out that’s just like real life baseball!

Now I’m kind of wondering whether baseball is something I can get into, or if it’s the most boring sport in the world?

I suppose it makes sense - I can’t stand cricket either - but I like the broadcast presentation of all American sports and kind of appreciate the mechanics and tactics of baseball. I kind of want to give it a chance, but if it’s just American cricket, sod it.

Ha ha, you could be right about it being the most boring sport in the world, Adam! I enjoy it as a betting proposition and from a statistical angle - and more generally because any sport is better than no sport… but I struggle to sit through a whole game. And the 162 game season makes any one game essentially meaningless, especially this early in the year.

Thinking back to the NFL playoffs, where I was absolutely gripped week after week (Cowboys edging the Lions week 1, GB beating the Cowboys week 2 with the Bryant last minute non-catch,week 3 Seattle coming back from the dead, and the Superbowl… enough said!) - it has to be said that baseball, basketball, and ice hockey are all a pretty pale reflection by comparison to the NFL. When does the season start…!!!

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