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Ballers HBO

If anybody has a good internet quality source for this I would appreciate knowing about it?


Only the pilot episode is up at one of the streaming sites I use mate:

here’s a link to it:

Ballers - Season 1 - Episode 1

Enjoy. :smile:

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It only just aired 2 days ago, so only one episode is available. Let me know if you have any problems with LM’s link and I’ll grab it for you elsewhere.

The show certainly looks interesting - might give it a try myself.

I watched it last night on that link - just need to close a few pop ups first (the norm on streaming sites) but it was fine - I quite liked it so will stick with the show now - thanks for the heads up G. :sunglasses:

Emmm - may be a rocky road ahead for this show reading this article:

The NFL Might Have An Issue With The Rock’s New Show ‘Ballers’ And It’s Kind Of A Big Problem

Also will have to seek out the ESPN ‘Players’ show now… as never seen it.

Wasn’t expecting much from this, but it’s pretty good. Well, at least in the sense that it’s basically Entourage for fucked up ex-NFL players.

I can see why the NFL doesn’t like it (it shows NFL players as they actually are - womanising, with life impairing injuries, and money and drug problems). But the NFL’s run by a bunch of hypocritical tyrants at the moment, so they should probably just keep their noses out of it.

I’ve been watching all 9 episodes so far and truly enjoyed them. Good entertainment and gets you in the right mood before the new season starts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Despite Noel kindly offering up a link to the first episode I aint got around to watching it, after a few weeks went by I heard it get slated in a NFL podcast and so I dropped the notion…

Oh I like to watch an episode first and then make up my own mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

^&&)(^&9!! :punch:

Sky blocked access to Noel’s link, if I could get a legitimate stream I would happily still give it a go

You just need a VPN similar to Zoog TV dude :wink:

Or a TOR browser or smart DNS… The point is I work in IT and have spent years playing around with such options, look at my picture, I’m now past it… These days I just want quality and hassle free streaming… :zzz:

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait then dude because there isn’t a British network or streaming service that has picked it up yet … and that’s even after they renewed it for a second season.

Virgin also blocks some of the sites I use but I was only saying that Zoog TV gets around that for me. If I want to watch something that isn’t available for the UK market I have to make an effort to get … that’s just how it is these days.

But hey, we can talk about all that when you lose to me in pool on Friday he he

Sure, I totally appreciate your view fella… and your right and I agree. I will let it slide however given its not so amazing reviews. Plenty of football banter going on these days anyhoo…

Re Pool Friday, yeh I have been seeing off you posh boys with your fancy queue’s, skinny tips, chalk clips and rubbish queue action all my days… with a standard, short, fat queue & tip! See ya then fella :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

why don’t you just download it from a torrent site? That’s what I do for every single show I watch.

Thanks Simon, I appreciate that’s an option however if I’m honest my interest was only slight to begin with and it went south from there when I heard the later reviews. Like I say, its no big deal and I’m willing to wait until it becomes available officially some place and if not… oh well.

I’ve only just managed to get my hands on ‘The League’ fantasy football series you lot mentioned last year. I’m half way through series two - pretty enjoyable so far.

Sky Atlantic have picked up Ballers. That means it’s behind a pay wall though.

@Dean apart from the latest series I really enjoyed watching The League. The final season starts in the U.S. on 9 September - looking forward to that one.

@adam nice find mate

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I enjoyed season one of the League but found that either I watched it too close up or it kinda got samey… each to own tho, there are many who love it.