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Auction draft I'm on from 8.30pm

If any of you are we can chat in the chat room before and during the draft!!

I will be on from 830, got another draft from 8 so will be doing two at once

Blimey, its George… Howdy… 2 at once eh, ambitious… :confused:

I must admit, I reckon this is the right time of year for a draft. Better than the end of this month. Just 2 pence.

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All gambles on second string players thou with no information !! Or limited news plus the dreaded injuries will strick someone after the draft!

Yes, exactly. The concept of projections becomes much more real and therefore the game potentially becomes more skill based compared to waiting for the pre-season to finish. Yes, the injuries will occur during pre-season but injuries can occur at any time, this is what fee agency, trades and large squads are for. Anyway, I know I’m in the minority so its a moo point lol

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No valid point to be honest!!

Good luck tonight to all!


Really looking forward to this one, I’ve done Auctions before but always 12 team.

I’m already in there - room is open and draft start timer is counting down I got position 11. :pensive:

Would be interested to see the rosters once you guys are done. Never done an auction draft still - I’m already in too many leagues though so maybe next year!


I’m not sure I agree with that. The reason is we have so many new head coaches and Offensive Coordinators that some players, who did well last year, will have to adapt to new routes/plays this year. Also, the OC might not be in favour of running the ball as much as the previous guy, so projections aren’t always enough … why is why I value pre-season games a lot and am looking forward to seeing how the players are performing under new HCs and OCs.

Isn’t it lovely to disagree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Like I said chap, I know I’m in the minority. :confounded: