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Ascot Day 3 and Day 4

Tough day ahead so low stakes. Selections are:-

Race 1
Global applause

Race 2
Blue De Vega

Race 3

Race 4
Clever Cookie although it looks tough to beat the ev money fav

Race 5
Very low stakes I won’t be betting but selection is out and about

Race 6
Another trappy h/cap. H/cap fav looks short so I may do Harrison

2.30 Silver Line
3.05 Abdon
3.40 Even Song/Chicadoro
4.20 Order Of St George

5.00 Could make a case for any number in this! Small each-way bets on Manson, Pacodali and Taurean Star.

5.35 Guy Fawkes

I never got around to any GG betting today and only just seen this thread so wonder how you fellas faired?

Is there any more racing Friday or is Ascot over now?

I did shite I had a couple of winners like the one I posted in chat bit none of these

Bit of a mixed bag really. Even Song and Order Of St George winners for me that I posted above. But short prices and let down by others in my multiples. So it goes.

I had the winner in the first at 8/1 as a last minute bet. But just a small each way bet.

There’s more tomorrow. I must admit that I do find Ascot incredibly difficult to do well at. Give me Cheltenham any day of the week. However, I will no doubt jump in again and have a little play.

3.40 Cheikeljack
4.20 Jet Setting
5.00 Kinema

The only bet I have done for tomorrow thus far. Each way treble and each way round-robin. Small stakes. 50p ew treble and 10p each way round-robin.

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Thanks guys - not even sure what round robin is… but will look at these GG’s if I feel the urge - only interested if on TV as gives a interest to watch. :slight_smile:

Your right about Cheltenham - I think the fences make the sport more exciting to watch as horses can catch up if one messes up or doesn’t land well. Cheers.

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Bit late I know but just noticed this on betfair guys - not sure if any good for the last day:

Instead of a treble where obviously if one loses you’ll miss out on a return, a round robin will pay out with just one winner. It’s 10 bets from 3 selections so … 3 doubles, 1 treble and 6 ‘single-stakes about’ bets.

It’s a very punter friendly bet. So much so in fact that not many online bookmakers actually offer the bet any more (bet365 used to do but stopped).

The only online bookmaker I know that offers them now is totesport.

I enjoy doing them, have landed some really nice returns from them in the past.

Yeah that seems decent. Just finding those winners! hehe.

Also like the look of …

2.30 Grizzel
3.05 Choreographer
5.35 Ebediyin

Think I’ve done that bet on NFL but its called a Yankee - 3 selections - 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble - so 7 bets in total.
Reason yours is 10 bets is probably the e/w aspects… alas some bookies don’t like me or I had issue with so alas Totesport is 1 of 3 I cant use well 1 of 4 as Betfred have me suspended at the moment as a problem gambler - tossers they sent me an e-mail saying I requested the break which is b/s and I objected to it but they froze my account due to some things I said in a chat once about losing and would not discuss the matter refunded what I had left balance wise (alas I was down) and blocked me… guard ya words that has taught me with the bookies. The others I cant use are sportingbet and winner.

So unless that Round Robin bet is found elsewhere I cant use it. Unlike bet365 to can something as they seem to offer markets on almost everything and never tight with their offers - did you ever contact them to ask why they stopped offering this type of bet?

I had a free £5 bet outstanding at Betway to use up so stuck that on ya 4.20 Jet Setting tip as it was joint best odds there with other sports books @ 9/4 so £11.25 if it wins.

Happy with that. :slight_smile:

My selection are:-

2.30 Cuff
3.05 Humphrey Bogart
3.40 Quiet Reflection
4.20 Nemoralia but have covered Jet Setting on the Will Hill app
5.00 Elite Army small stakes
5.35 Ormito small stakes

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Think yankee is 4 selections if my memory serves me right. Maybe yours was a trixie? Although there’s no singles in a trixie so dunno.

But the main difference being the ‘single-stakes about’ bets in the round-robin. Which most other multiples don’t have. ‘Single-stakes about’ is a bet that loads another bet on to the other selections when you have a winner in the round robin. It’s great when you look at it. I remember someone telling me it was more widespread when we had to pay tax. You were pretty much getting an extra bet that you didn’t pay tax on. If you had winners of course.

Really need 2 winners to make them pay well, 3 is jackpot :slight_smile:

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Yeah my bad it was called a Patent! the 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble bet!

As for your bet I really wanna try it so shout out to anyone that knows sports books that still allow these let me know - as I cant use Totesport (as I said above).

Do you think Day 4 will be better / easier than Day 3 Al?

Wondering if I should follow you in on some of these as I’ve seen them in time - question is how much - single digits or double digits - £1, £10, £25. Think I should stay small as so much other sport on at mo so will go between £1-£10 (so if I do any e/w max stake a be £20 - £10 e/w). Sensible - or should I go looking for bookie offers on your ones you don’t say small stakes on and max out (to take advantage of any bookie offers)?

Note to self - remember use my smart phone for bets on Hills to get that insurance. Also think I had a StanJames offer didn’t I - hard to keep up. :thinking:

Hey guys just seen Sky’s got some money back special on first Race today - money back as a free bet if ya horse finishes 2nd… up to a max of £25.

So is there a case to max on this and bet this race at SkyBet and if so what’s the horse to be on?

It’s never easy stick to £10 and £5 for h/caps. Yeah always use the bookie offers.

Yeah small stakes. Ascot is incredibly difficult although today does look a bit easier. Famous last words!

Balls fell asleep last night and woke up late so not on anything and now odds is meh! :frowning:

Probably a blessing! :sunglasses:

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