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Article Writers?

Hey All,

Its been discussed before, do we have any enthusiastic writers out there that have a genuine want to help add meaningful content to this site or its future equivalent? I have a blog concept that might be interesting but its neither going to get me anywhere or the site if I’m the only one. I’m really trying to think where to stick the blog to best effect.

Cheers All

Heads up, there’s an entire content-focused site design including blog ready to go up here at the flick of a switch (or if we all think that’s too much, just hosting articles on a medium.com account and linking from the forum), I set it up about 2 months ago, but kept it on ice so far, as no one was able to provide any blog articles to include in it and an empty blog would have been mildly rubbish.

But as you said, has been discussed before and is on the cards should we decide to turn words into actions (or… written words) and create some content for the site. There is the thought that if we can’t do content right we might be better off just focusing on the community element.

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an empty blog would have been mildly rubbish :smiley::laughing:

Medium looks interesting, was not aware of that. I do agree that if we cant add content here we should move to a medium more chat/talk focused instead of leaving our shop window looking so blank.

Sean and I are meeting up this week to discuss the podcast idea. We might need to put player rankings etc on here if that’s possible. Also we and other might need TFP twitter handles plus maybe help with graphics for youtube, facebook etc if it happens

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Like the concept of a podcast a lot and you guys will do a great job of it im sure.

We will need weekly guests form the tfp and maybe a 3rd host if anyone has the time

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I’m maybe a little too “secrets or death” re fantasy football to be a 3rd host but more than willing to be a guest along the way…

Good work!

Let me know how/when you’re going ahead with the TFP podcast, would be good to actually coordinate it with… the TFP website. Generally podcasts should be hosted on iTunes too “for best results”, etc.

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Episode 1 will be Monday around midday. I think Sean was thinking of broadcasting live on Facebook, although we are both new to this. We would love to get in on Itunes and YouTube as well. We are new to this so all advice welcome

Thanks Gordon it would be great to get you and others on board as guests or hosts.