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Apply for seat at Andrew Luck Fan Forum‏

I am gutted I can’t apply for this as I have this day off already to meet Drew from our league but terms and conditions say if you win you are expected to bring a family member but mine would not make the time for this or really be to fussed so in away would deny a true fan - think it’s a bit off really as what if ya an only child and parents have died - but any way for those of you with family members into NFL you have a great chance to meet Andrew Luck and his dad (also an ex NFL QB) at a fan forum at Wembley stadium - for more info and to apply follow this link:

Andrew Luck Fan Forum‏

Yeah, I agree with you Noel, that’s a pants rule. I can’t take my oldest daughter out of school, as we would be fined for doing that and the youngest … well, she’s just too young lol. No parents living in the U.K. so that’s kind of a dead end too :unamused:

Oh well, there’s always next time eh.

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I think it’s more of an advisement than a rule.

he came in my shop today when i was working which was my consolation as i didnt get tickets

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Wow lucky you !! And how are you doing everything well I trust

Yeh, nice to see you post Mary…

im really good thanks for aking yes it was a bit of surprise i sent one of my staff down to the mens floor to make sure it was him and he shook his hand the rest of the staff thought we were mad as they had no clue who he was and we were really excited lol

hi hope your well hope your run of bad luck is over washing machine etc, need to get myself back in the swing of all things nfl after the worst off season ever lol after all i have an almost new team being a niner fan lol anthony davis was the last straw i really liked him

Yeh, its going to be a tough season for the 9ers I expect, however you still have some great talent on the squad so all is not lost. Its just a shame your team is in such a strong division.


If it’s going to be a tough season for the 9ers what’s it going to be for the Skins then ha ha.

Good to see you’re doing well Mary and lucky you for meeting Mr Luck!

i feel your pain lol