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Anyone for a Play-off Confidence League? £10 entry, winner takes all

I have set up a league here https://officepoolstop.com just for the play-offs.

The aim is to pick the winners of the 11 games (4 wild card, 4 divisional, 2 conference + superbowl). Each game is weighted from 1-11, once you use a weight you cant use it again.

The league is called NFL Fanpub
ID = 14057
Password = falbravo

Anyone interested can paypal me the readies at ian.jones1210@gmail.com before Game 1 on saturday.

I will enter this game and will punt the money over later this week

Ok mate no probs

I would obviously like to attract as many as possible but must admit I haven’t played this game before so any tips or suggestions are welcome, including setting a different entry fee if people would rather a higher stakes game

Tenner is fine for me for a first try at this game - can always up the stakes next year if we choose - I have mentioned this on our Discord chat site as well to encourage others to have a go!

Yes I’m interested but it will have to be Friday I pay

Thanks Jon, I am happy to stick at a tenner… if we can sneak into double figures entrywise it’s a decent pot to aim at.

Thanks Sean, Friday is fine.

Jon you are now active

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i have entered this contest.

Noel has money from me. can i pay with that?

will you see noel?

cheers Andy

Sorry guys this looks a bit of a non-starter numbers-wise so don’t send me any money.

Keep making picks though I will put up £10 prize money for those that took the time to register (Jon and Andy are ‘active’, can’t see Sean yet), others still welcome … obviously I will be trying to win it myself as well!

Good luck to everyone in the play-offs, go Chiefs :relaxed:

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Sorry due to some minor issues I couldn’t join sorry

No need to put up your own tenner dude, I will just enjoy thrashing you and Andy :laughing:

100% start, can’t fault it Jon.

So glad I went nap on the Raiders :unamused:

Yay, I win! 10 out of 11 :thumbsup:

Thanks for organising, Ian, it was fun but definitely needs more players to make it work