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Any NFL.com leagues?

Hi Guys

Myself and a couple friends are looking to join a redraft league on nfl.com. Ideally will be a money league (always tends to keep people more involved), and just looking for standard or ppr 12 team. No IDP or auction for this one.

I’ve played in a few leagues with guys here over the years and have enjoyed it.

I have moved more towards dynasty on MFL recently, but keen to have one redraft this year so if anyone is starting up or has 3 slots available, please let me know.


Hi Simon

I have a 12 man PPR league on NFL.com - £20 entry.

I’m expecting to have some spaces if you’re interested?


I’m busy recruiting for Premier League games rignt now and our live draft for September (TFP Originals - which by the way is a redraft league and currently has 6 spaces and is on NFL.com post draft).

Why not push the boat out and come to Southampton for that - all 3 of you?

TFP Originals 2017/18 - Season 4

Edit: Opps I see you asked for a 12 team league and TFP Originals if fills is a 16 teamer but still I guarantee if you try it am sure your like it.

I havent got on to my SMTM league yet but there could be spaces in that when I get round to re-booting it and seeing who’s coming back and who’s not but won’t know for a week or maybe two as so busy with Premier League games, booking holidays and stuff as literally only just got a working computer and been using my iphone since April. So majorily behind with things - one of my e-mail addresses has 35,000 unopened e-mails - nightmare! :open_mouth:

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Highly recommended I’m going

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly

I’m currently based in Chile so the Southampton trip may be tricky (although the time zone is perfect for games).

James - that could be ideal for us if you have 3 spaces. When would you be looking to draft?



Hi Simon

Yes I’m almost certainly going to have 3 spaces - I’ve given last years managers until the end of July to recommit otherwise I’m offering open spots up to others.

Draft is currently scheduled for 9pm UK time on 1 September 2017, but that could be flexible.

If you’re keen, drop me a PM with your and your friends’ email addresses and I’ll send you the details at the end of the week.



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Ok great thanks - will do

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