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Alliance of American Football

So 2 weeks ago I’d never heard of this league but now I have the app on my phone and tried to watch one of the inaugural games via the app on Saturday night (1am Sunday Morning UK time actually). Alas I had to give up in frustration as it was impossible to watch either game feed on the AFF app as both live game feeds shut down / went to sleep every 60 seconds or so and you had to reawaken the app to reload the game feed - it meant I literally had to hold my phone and use the fingerprint login every minute to reload the game feed - by half time I was ready top thrown the phone at the wall.

Hopefully they fix these issues (but would of been nice if they tested these things before the actual season started).

I have heard since the games are being uploaded to YouTube to watch back on demand.

With only 8 teams in this league and none in the city of Detroit (where my chosen NFL team is situated) and no American relatives what I know of was kind of hard to pick a team as my own. I thought based on the logos or ethos I would go San Diego (like the Fleets logo and felt happy San Diego got a football team again after the Chargers left) or San Antonio as there a huge sports city but never had a pro football team… but nope when it came down to it I have chosen the Salt Lake Stallions.

Simply their colour scheme is Blue & Silver (feels right based on my NFL teams colours) and my favourite American car is a Ford Mustang - Ford own the Lions and afterall a Mustang is a Stallion so seemed a certain kind of symmetry there.

So tonight I will try the website over the app to see if I can see the Stallions first ever meaningful game live. Also I don’t think the bookies odds makers or anyone else for that matter can have a clue how the season will go - it’s all guess work so before any games took place I put a £5 bet on the Stallions to win the league a 4/1.

So who else is watching the AFF and have you adopted a team - what’s your story - how did you select your team?

Alliance of American Football

Opps seems I got the day wrong I thought the Salt Lake at Arizona game was supposed to be a Monday night game but appears my team lost last night looking at the AAF’s website so will go to YouTube myself and see if I can watch the game back - doh! :disappointed: :football:

All games are streamed live on youtube and all the highlights are there as well. I watched all the streams with no issues

:laughing: I think you might be the only one new to this Noel. We are running a 12 team fantasy AAF league on here, and Trent Richardson has been the main topic of conversation for weeks!!

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I have since heard that but assure you I downloaded the AAF app and that didn’t work well Saturday night (well early hours of Sunday morning).

Really - I noticed your Rebel Alliance Fantasy Football thing leading up to Super Bowl and thought it was some fictitious game you had created (and I was to late as it was drafting) to do with Star Wars for the off season… you know bookies have virtual games now thought you was going virtual fantasy football - lol :crazy_face: