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AFC South

We’ve been looking at our thoughts on the AFC South - http://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opin...south-preview/

Obviously the Colts are a stick on to win the division, but that injury to Foster hurts the Texans. I can legitimately see the Titans or Jags making a play for the 2nd spot.


IF Foster didn’t break his balls, I’d really disagree there, as the Texans would be genuine contenders for the division title. They have the best D in the entire NFL - Watt, Clowney, Cushing and Wilfork, all healthy this season. They’ve got a great WR1 in Hopkins (the best catch rate in the NFL, and that’s with second rate QBs). Their QB situation should be at least as good/bad as last year, where they still managed 8 wins - Hoyer can be as serviceable as Fitzpatrick and Mallet could potentially be great (watch his one full game against the Browns - the man was a machine, quickest release in the NFL that week and his passes were bullets).

Without a good replacement for Foster though, the Texans lose their solid run game and passing suffers too. We’ll see how it is by September. But at worst I see a repeat of last season, about 8 wins and a fairly dull 2nd place. It helps that JAX and Tennessee are awful.

Best D in the entire NFL? Nah not for me.

The stats probably say Seattle, Detroit, Denver, etc :smile: But it’s really all about J.J. Watt. And this season we’ve got a healthy Clowney :pray: and Big Vince BBQ Wilfork :hamburger:

We might need to play J.J. at tight end and running back though, which I suppose might tire him out.

Is he going to cover for your dodgy secondary too? There are a number of defences I’d have before Houston’s, Watt or no Watt.

Watt is everywhere. Even QB! http://www.houstontexans.com/tv-media/videos/New-TD-Combo-Watt-to-Cushing/2b250233-764c-408c-94db-09988fab6729

All healthy, it is one of the best, not thee best imho but one of the best. Would they beat the colts to the div title if all healthy… not with those QBs but may reach a wild card spot. Just my 2 pence.

So…the Texans…awkward!