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Advice please Adam!

I’m going to be in Hong Kong for a couple weeks in December which will be during our playoffs. Actually haven’t been over there during an NFL season before and was wondering if you know any good places I would be able to watch the games there?

So, NFL viewing it a little bit shitty in Hong Kong, as there’s no demand from the locals to watch it (unlike EPL games), just a few expat bars showing it.

There’s a place called Trafalgar in Wanchai that is supposed to show the games (I designed their website yonks back and knew the owner pretty well, but I think I pissed him off a couple of years back when I dropped out of a project for him :smile: ) - http://www.trafalgar.com.hk - but it’s British themed and cares more about rugby and soccer than NFL.

There’s a more American bar nearby too called Champs Bar which is supposed to be one of the few bars showing NFL in HK - http://www.champsbar.com.hk

Then there’s just a bunch of other US-expat-type-places that might show games occasionally, like Dan Ryan’s, Delaneys, or potentially hotel bars. I mostly just streamed my games over a VPN when I lived there. The time difference isn’t great for watching NFL games really, when you’ll be 13-16 hrs ahead.

Impressive knowledge of a land far away…

Cheers mate! All else fails I’ll make my way to Macau and hope one of the casinos are showing the games

Or you could pay for GamePass on your laptop or whatever device your using and watch HD streams over the net - pick any game you want or watch RedZone.By then price will be well reduced as your just be paying for the playoffs.

Was inAsia during NFL season
Just remember the time difference !