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A Chat Room?

You know what would be awesome - a chatroom that wee can all come in and tell people in our various leagues to come in during games so we can all chat in like real time on mass.

Would that be possible and could generate traffic to TFP as NFLUK used to have one but not done so for years?

That’s a great idea. They have one on packersforum.com which I use occasionally.

Most of the people in the TFP League are in a WhatsApp chat group talking right now, but you need to download the WhatsApp app and share your phone number to join in… It’s not ideal in that sense, I think something like a TFP Slack group (which would work both on the web and in the app without the need for phone numbers) would probably be the best solution.

Or we could just have a separate web chat client on this site but I don’t think the really active WhatsApp chat would migrate over.

Yeah we are almost all on WhatsApp come and join!

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