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£40 PPR Superbowl 2022 League **last space available Tuesday 6th September 7.45*

£40 Superbowl 2021 PPR League - Pick a NFL team and take them to glory

1) Al - Dallas Cowboys
2) Sam Deveraux - Kansas City Chiefs
3) Dean Green Bay Packers
4) Ian - Los Angeles Rams
5) Dave T - Washington Redskins
6) David - Denver Broncos
7) Tala - San Francisco 49ers
8) Dan N - Baltimore Ravens
9) Mike - Detroit Lions
10) Chrissie - Seattle Seahawks
11) Ian W- Cincinatti Bengals
12) Javier - Buffalo Bills
13) Brian - Atlanta Falcons
14) James - Los Angeles Chargers


First choice will go to the current managers. I will publicise any spaces that come available.

Draft time will be the final week of the preseason.

Paypal for entry fee is alanroberts1987@live.co.uk £40 (choose the send money to a friend option)

League is on Sleeper

If you want to be added to the waiting list let me know:-
Waiting List 2023
Jon R

Draft Date is provisionally set Tuesday 6th September 7.45 pm BST Uk Time

Winner £300
R/up £135
Divisional Winner £125strong text

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I’d be up for adding one more league - would vote for draft format, non-dynasty, PPR and if others were up for it maybe also some IDPs?

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As it conspired against me to not join either the fun or originals league I can fit in one more league but all depends when the draft is , wouldn’t mind ppr but definitely not dynasty and Not bothered about IDP

I,ll chuck one into the mix…
Redraft league with an extra flex position (QB RB WR TE) instead of the kicker

Ok sounds like we have 4 for a PPR (redraft) League with no kickers and an extra flex spot. Let’s see if anyone else wants in, I think we need 8 minimum.

Maybe we can adopt a NFL team each. (you get your own franchise though you don’t have to be saddled with current players from that NFL team)

Would be in for this… no kickers is kinda odd though for me, would prefer just playing regular with kickers, I’m fine with adding an extra flex spot though (and extra bench spots in that case). PPR is my preference.


Would also agree that having kickers but an extra flex spot with a slightly expanded bench would sound better to me.

Happy with having an NFL team theme - I’m calling the Eagles!

Ok we will vote on Kickers once full before the draft. Full point PPR League, NFL teams £25 entry with deep benches and an extra flex spot, If you want to claim an NFL team let me know

  1. Al - Dallas Cowboys
  2. James- Philadelphia Eagles
  3. Shani - San Francisco 49ers
  4. Ian - Los Angelese Rams
  5. JLL - New York Jets
  6. David - Denver Broncos
  7. Chris - Cleveland Browns

Kickers are totally random week to week… there’s a reason they always go in the last round of the draft. Just seems pointless including them.

I am happy to go with the majority though :relaxed:

I,ll take the surprise 25/1 NFC West winners then…

…Hollywood loves an underdog story after all! :astonished:

The LA Rams?


TBH Kickers aren’t totally random… unless you just stick with one kicker the whole season. Streaming kickers (and the correct ones) can easily net you much more points than the average player. I’ve played in one of James’ leagues for 2 years now and I can safely say most of the guys here are quite good at this game, so an edge in kicking may just be the thing someone can use to their advantage to win :slight_smile:

as for teams - NY Jets please :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey another league,

I am in

Denver Broncos please.

The format seems fine, but since we can state our preferences, no point in having deep benches if we can´t start the players:

The real mans league: Superflex, 2 Flex, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1.5 ppr for TE, .5 ppr for the rest

Good to have you aboard mate!

I am always up for another league., can´t resist it.
I remenber in May promising myself that this year I´d only play in 4 or 5 leagues so I can focus more…

14 and counting :grin:

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When’s the draft time Al?

@otleyroad It’ll be next week, how does Tuesday 5th 8.30 sound to everyone?

Otherwise let me know what dates you can make

Hi Alan

I’ll be up in the Lake District next week, so late evenings would definitely be my preference, but that date and time should work for me - 9pm may be even better if that would be ok for others?


@chrisj2812 - did you change your mind? Would be good to have you on board!

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Working with Al around the drafting date, hopefully i can do something. Where there’s a will!