2023 Baseball Bestball

My pitching staff is seriously underperforming - one season-ending surgery, one 60-day disabled list, one 30-day disabled list…

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I know the feeling, two of my pitchers have already had season ending Tommy John surgeries :ambulance:

I can’t see us finishing first and second, in either order, this year!

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Week 8 - league leader Sam top scores this week. The rich keep getting richer. Decent second place for Javier - but Andy’s ‘Topes are rock bottom, 100 points behind Sam

Week 9 - a narrow win for Jordan on the week, just 1.5 points ahead of Mozza. Once again, the Isotopes come last, and once again, a clear 100 points behind the weekly winner

Overall - Sam remains comfortably top, with Malcy (Loons) and me (Biscuits) the closest chasers.
For the first time this season, Javier’s Mavericks are not bottom - it will come as no surprise to see who has replaced him in that position…

This sums up my feelings…


Week 10 - Javier’s recovery from a slow start continues with a narrow weekly win, over Andy D’s Indians. Meanwhile the other Andy has an unwelcome treble as his Isotopes are last, yet again.

Week 11 - the Spokane Indians follow up their 2nd place, with a weekly win for Andy D. The Loons and the Space Cowboys are close behind, while Chris comes last to deny the Isotopes an unprecedented four-timer.

Overall - Sam remains top, but his lead has been slashed by Malcy’s Loons…

Got a feeling I am going to enjoy doing this week’s write-up…!

First things first - I hope anyone who went to the Cubs / Cardinals games at the weekend had a great time :baseball:

Week 12 - good showing by Javier’s Mavericks, and Andy D’s Indians, but my Biscuits came out on top. League leader Sam had a dreadful week with his Bananas…
Week 13 - the Montgomery Biscuits win again! Sam recovers from his bad week to come second, while Jordan is close behind in third.

Overall - I’m back in the lead! Actually a very tight four-horse-race, with Malc, Jordan and Sam all within 40 points of the top - but then over 100 further points back to fifth place.
The Isotopes remain comfortably clear in last place!

Week 14 - Andy D’s Indians and Mozza’s Sod Poodles tie for the weekly lead, while Sam’s Bananas are dead last

Week 15 - last to first, Sam bounces straight back with a win, while Javier narrowly pips Jordan for last place

Overall - Sam regains the lead he lost recently, narrowly ahead of Malcy’s Loons.
Isotopes remain in 11th place…

How can I have more points than the Aviators but still am behind in the standings? I was in front if him yesterday?

I don’t check the scores every day Andy, but…

  • at the end of last Sunday, you were 50.5 behind the Aviators
  • this week, you have beaten the Aviators by 37 points
  • at the end of yesterday you were 13.5 behind the Aviators

…so I think the position is as I would expect it?
Maybe there was an error on the website for a day or so, but it looks OK now

Cheers mate :wink:

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Week 16 - Andy D’s Indians get a narrow weekly win, just edging out league leader Sam. Omaha come last

Week 17 - another good week for those Indians, but this time just beaten by Jordan’s Space Cowboys. Omaha come last again!

Overall - Sam and his bananas strengthen their grip on first place. Malcy’s Loons still 2nd, but now 60 points behind the leader.

Week 18 - comfortable win for Jordan’s Space Cowboys, over 75 points clear of Chris in second place

Week 19 - much closer this time - Sam scraped the win ahead of Andy D and Paul, but this time 75 points covered first right down to eighth place

Overall - Sam still hanging onto top spot with Jordan back up to second. Still 30% of the season to be played, but I’m beginning to think Albuquerque are out of the running…

:white_flag: I think you’re probably right! :white_flag:

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Week 20 - a weekly win for the Commish ! With Jordan’s Space Cowboys and Dan’s Storm Chasers neck and neck behind me

Week 21 - nearly a double for me… but had to settle for second place this time, as the Storm Chasers bagged the win to cap a good fortnight for Dan

Overall - all getting very close again… Sam still leads, but both Jordan and I are under 20 points back. Everyone else is at least 200 off the lead now - quarter of the season still got go but it will be hard to pull back the top three

Week 22 - another weekly win for the commissioner :grinning: Mozza and his Sod Poodles pushed me hard

Week 23 - Jordan’s Space Cowboys win this one, though I came close to a double, in second place just ahead of Sam and Malcy

Overall - I’m back on top! Only 7 points ahead of Jordan, who is a single point ahead of Sam in third. Will be an actual miracle if anyone else makes the top three from here - Andy D in 4th place is 286 points behind Sam…

Week 24 - Dan’s Storm Chasers get the win and are the only team to top 300 this week - though me and Jordan are only single figures behind him

Week 25 - almost the double ! Dan gets past 300 again. But this time Jordan pushes him into second place

Overall - with only a couple of weeks to go in the season, Jordan has got himself a handy lead over me and Sam. Dan’s hot streak has moved him up from 7th to 5th. Andy S still last, but still fighting for 10th place!