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2017 Season - Fan Previews

Hi all!

I write a blog called Double Coverage and for this season, I have fans of every team contributing articles previewing the forthcoming season.

Our first couple are live.

Patriots https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-new-england-patriots/

Steelers https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-pittsburgh-steelers/

More to come on a regular basis as we lead up to the season.

Still looking for fans of a few teams so anyone interested, give me a shout!

I couldn’t recommend @JonCartwright high enough for the Chiefs. What he doesn’t know about them isn’t worth knowing.

P.s Enjoyable read think Gillislee will win the job but it’s the Patriots so nothing a given.

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We actually have our Chief, and funny enough his name is Alex Smith :joy:

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I’ll expect Jon to take over before the end of the season then :grinning:

Great read don’t forget to add links to our podcast we are happy to give you a big shout out next week

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I believe we still need a 'Boy if you’re interested?

I could do it but maybe @Majicman would be a better choice.

We have fans from most teams in our community. Most of our chat is now on our discord site. It’s active all year around



Discord site? One of the frustrations with NFL in the UK is the lack of active fan community. Plenty sites but all sparsely populated!

Yeah you download the discord app on (phone pc etc) and we can all chat live. If you hit the chat button up the top of the page it will take you in if you want a look

When’s the deadline?

One for @doublecoverage

Just within the next couple weeks really. I have a few submissions that’ll keep us going for the next week or so.

Checked it out, looks good. Is plugging allowed within the chat? Would be good to drop the links to the articles as they’re published, hopefully stimulate convo!

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@doublecoverage Yeah I don’t think it will be a problem. It’s full of nfl fans so any content is welcome within reason

And now to the Detroit Lions - https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-detroit-lions/

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A few articles have since been posted:

Chicago Bears - https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-chicago-bears/

Baltimore Ravens - https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-baltimore-ravens/

Arizona Cardinals - https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-arizona-cardinals/

Oakland Raiders - https://www.doublecoverage.co.uk/opinion/2017-preview-oakland-raiders/

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