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2017 Baseball Prediction Challenge

A little competition for anyone who wants an interest in the baseball season but doesn’t want to make a big commitment of time to it… :baseball:

Pick 1 team from each of the groups below - five teams in total

Score 1 point for each regular season win for any of your teams
Score 2 points for each playoff win for any of your teams (Wild Card / Division / Championship)
Score 3 points for each World Series win for any of your teams

If you’re a friend from Twitter, send me your entry by Twitter direct message
If you’re a friend from The Fan Pub, message me on The Fan Pub forum
All entries must be received by the end of March
I will issue regular updates and will throw in a prize of negligible value for the winner!

Haven’t followed the off season moves too closely, but happy to have a go!

Will PM you my bunch o losers :slight_smile:

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Sounds fun - I’ve PMd you my submission on TFP

cheers - got a couple of guys at work said they were interested so I will keep nagging them. Would be nice to get it up to 10 entries

I’ve just finished work - will try to beat deadline but it’s fiddly on phone.

These are the picks - all entrants should just have received an email - thanks for entering!

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