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2016 NFL Draft (not the fantasy one)

It starts on the April 28th, not far to go. Anything doing anything for this this year? Last year a bunch of us hung out a Gordan’s, although I know he’s moving house this year so unavailable. (I’ve also got a newborn, so probably also staying at home, but thought I’d kick this topic off, and if anyone’s doing any online sessions or draft games…)

I would like to run a draft game based on the first round if there was interested winner takes all kind of deal …


Password Highlander

I’m thinking

£10 each winner takes all

I’ve set up the league

PayPal karinaconnors@hotmail.co.uk

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I will hook into this game for sure Sean. Will confirm when Money is sent. Good man.

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Cheers Gordon

Very appreciated

Good question Adam, while I did not have the time to arrange it this year I have booked the Friday off so I can stay up untill silly oclock. When we were there for the SB I’m sure one of the comedians said that the Hipp would have a draft party this year… While the Hipp played their cards poorly on the night of the SB by selling as many tickets as humanly possible it might be worth a shot for the draft based on likely less interest (if they are indeed having a party). Def want to hook up for it, where ever…

Appreciate you setting this up Sean - I have entered and sent a tenner over to you!

Me too, entered and wonga sent…

Looking forward to doing better than last year lol

Thanks guys Jon in Gordon in and myself so far

I am going to do the game for fun this year and run it on my NFLUK games thread (as I did last year) but no clue with drafting as I don’t know the players not following college ball at all so swerving the money league (hope you don’t mind Sean).

However I am flying back (deliberately) from holiday in Hungary on draft day itself in the hope there would be a TFP meet up somewhere to watch draft so I am all over going up town to the Hippo for a party or any other London bar if I know anyone from here is also going to be there - if not I will still go uptown and find a party with NFLUK bods who meet up for this (which is what I used to do before TFP). Dani Lopez usually puts one on - I been to his draft parties before - met Cecil Martin at one of them once - he stayed all night watching first round just like a fan and was happy to talk and interact with anyone all night long. :sunglasses:

No issues Noel please do help spread the word about mine as well if you would not mind.

Will do - will post on NFLUK later about it and tweet it on twitter or re-tweet a post of yours if you have one there. Also can post on FB about it to. :sunglasses:

Noel dude, your staying up to watch it and looking for a party… Why not join in the fun and take part dude? Its all about supporting our community buddies when they try to make something happen. I know absolute zero about the college game but I’m in for the fun of it. I absolutely crashed and burned last year but who cares. This year other than the first 5 picks I’ll be playing point the pin at the player 27 more times to make my selections.

As for the Hipp, they have an event on the 28th but the gal I spoke to knew nothing about it… She is going to call me back.

Agree with Noel on advertising outside of TFP

It looks like I may be in the Uk 29 April to 3 May.
Ley me know if you arrange anything for the later rounds of the draft.
Will likely be spending most of the time in Cornwall, but would happily travel somewhere convenient to train for the 40 yd dash.

Hi Drew,

We may have something on the 28th, unsure yet. The 29th is a busy day for me personally witha doc appointment and furniture delivery and build. I would be up for a few beers on the Sat night (30th) if we can agree a venue/location. Would certainly be good to see you again.

Still working on a plan and a schedule. Need some input from my management
group first, but will revert once I have a clearer picture.

Ok Drew, let us know fella

I will be flying into London on the evening of the 28th. I have meeting in
the city that day and then I will head down to Cornwall for the weekend. I
am stopping in Southampton on the way back to London on the evening of the
3rd and meeting up with Jon if anyone else is available. I fly out of
London on the 4th after more meetings.

Hi Drew,

That’s a shame from my perspective. Free for most of this weekend (wifey
working) and while I will go a fair distance to drink beer and talk banter
Southampton is a little too far to travel on a school night for me.
I hope you have a good trip and see you at the draft, poised and ready for
the 40… ; )