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2016 Draft Date

Happy New Year folks !

Making sure I am more organised than last year… I have looked ahead and the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final is on Saturday 27th August 2016. So if we have any say in when the draft is for next year’s TFP league, I’ll vote for the following Saturday, 3rd September ( the regular season starts on Thursday 8th September). Would hate to miss out on the event of the year !!

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I can work around that without an issue

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I thought some liked the idea of setting it back to the bank holiday weekend however I am good for either.

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Yep, appreciate different people will have different preferences - but as I know well in advance that there is a date I can’t make, I thought I had better state my view early - rather than leave it late like in 2015 and cause the commissioner extra work to rearrange things to help me out!

I like the idea of having it the last Saturday before the new season kicks off. I’m not a big fan of seeing major injuries happen in between the draft and the start of the season and this limits the chances of that happening.

Just my opinion :grinning:


Either Sunday Aug 28th (on the bank holiday weekend) or Sat Sep 3rd sound pretty good to me. The Saturday’s probably the safer bet incase people have plans for the whole bank holiday weekend.

Yeah and Sunday is too busy for the Toby place. Saturday okay with me, will get the newly refurbished Travelodge booked

Yeah I already spoke on Facebook I think with George about this and my plan is to revert to the same we did year 1. The Toby defo prefers us to have the Saturday as they far less busy and I take Anders point to - so if you guys are sure Saturday Sep 3rd is after all preseason games and before season starts then I am happy to select that date here and now and will confirm that date when my rules come out in about June time. Also I would hope many of you with this much notice would like to come out on a pub crawl post draft the Saturday night so hope as many of you as possible will stay local that Saturday night (whether with friends or in the Travelodge next to the Toby).

A good thing confirming the date this early is people from afar - and by this I mean abroad Dublin (Robert) and Florida (Drew) they could perhaps book things earlier to make things cheaper - like flights and accommodation plus square staying away with their wife’s!

So Yeah no faffing about I will say now ‘TFP Originals’ Season III Draft is on Saturday 3rd September 2016. Start time to be confirmed nearer the time as I would like to see if perhaps people woul like to meet up altogether for lunch first and make it a Toby Carvey meal this year and then post draft we can just get straight on with a good old fashioned pub crawl.


Cool Beans (additional chars req)

Excellent booked in the diary

Excellent. 3 September has been noted in Black Ink on my calendar. Look forward to seeing you all then if not before. A chance I will be in UK again late spring, so may call on whoever is available so I don’t have to drink alone!
Happy New Year!!


I would enjoy catching up in the Spring Drew and Im sure others too.

With a little luck this year you can attend the draft without the daunting thought of another online draft at 9pm ; )

Happy New Year

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Great to hear you might be over, Drew. Sarah and I would love to meet up if you are in the Southampton area again!

I will keep you posted. If I come over it will be for a course at Warsash
and a few sundry business meetings. I am researching with a friend in Truro
importing 1960’s muscle cars to the UK. Need to find out how much of a
market there would be. to determine if there is any money in it.
Enjoy the ride with KC. I will happily cheer for any team that is playing
the Patriots.
Happy New Year! Give Sarah a kiss for me.

Me! :smile: Although I probably don’t need another car and just had to skip buying a 2015 Ford Mustang in favour of a new Ford Focus (but went with the sporty one!).

Might have to stick to 4-Door cars for the foreseeable though. Can always get a Ford Focus RS in awhile I suppose.

Sounds interesting Drew, good luck

WTF - probably out my price league and till I own a house with a garage cant look after one (protect it properly) but my dream is a Mustang from this era - (everyone says Chargers but for my sins I am loyal to the Ford family due to the connection with the Lions). I always said if I ever won the lottery I’d try and find some one to source the parts and build me one from scratch but right hand drive (if that’s possible) or did they make and sell them in a right hand drive market - Australia perhaps?

Say Drew do you do Powerball - if you ever win perhaps you can set up this business and put up a car to the TFP Originals champ on our 20th anniversary, lol. :heart_eyes:

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They sell the Mustang in the UK now, right hand drive (the new 2015 model onwards).

I know that Adam but were talking classic 60’s cars here…

Ah, when you said “from this era” I thought you meant… ahem :smile: