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2015 Draft - Projections, concerns and random banter

With the combine & draft on the horizon I thought I would drop a thread here for those of us that like to rant over the decisions and players that form future franchise success or lack there of…

While the Saints now have ownership issues I would still like them to climb a little in round 1 as they did last year to secure a potential stud line backer, an outside rusher. They need one badly, possibly two!!!

I still think Mariota is the top QB but he needs to go to the right team. It’s going to be interesting to see who moves up for him while the Bucs might be better suited to pull Winston.

What’s your opinion??

Just hope my lions sent stupid like last year, I mean Ebron at 10! What were they thinking! Seeing a lot of people saying DT for us in the first and I would hate that, hoping for a O lineman, Corner, Reciever or Safety in the first round for us

Think the Saints really need a big WR think there’s a guy called Beckham-Green who would fit, but he’s got off field concerns so might be more of a 2nd rounder.

George, all fair points dude and agree with Ebron however its still early for him, a lot of TE’s take some time to learn the blocking aspect of the game. I don’t know the Lions squad so well but I do think (perhaps surprisingly) that they should consider grabbing a quality running back late in the 1st or 2nd. I think Bush has become brittle and while Bell and Riddick are both nice I don’t think either are long term number one options.

I actually think the Saints have most of the pieces required but need to get tactics right across the board on D. While a stand out WR would be nice I don’t see us going in early for one 2 years running when we have Graham, Stills, Cooks and Colston albeit with the latter getting on in years. Its possible we go in for WR in round 3/4 however. Watching the Saints last season it was obvious they had nobody on D who could really threaten the QB on every down while a lot of teams have 2 quality rushers. A young Demarcus Ware would be great! :slight_smile: