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2014 Fan Pub Fantasy NFL League Results

The results are in, and our Fantasy NFL League has a winner for its inaugural year!

Coming in 1st place, with a 8-5 regular season record and 1,264pts, is Chris’ team Newton’s Law!

Following closely behind at 2nd place, with a 8-5 record and 1,251pts, is Sean with SKSPC

The 3rd place play-off was fought between Adam’s Neon Texans (7-6 and 1,198pts) and Noel’s Blue Storm-Troopers (7-6 and 1,048pts), with Neon Texans coming out on top to take bronze.

The full list of positions was as follows…

1st - Chris, Newton’s Law (8-5, 1,264pts)
2nd - Sean, SKSPC (8-5, 1,251pts)
3rd - Adam, Neon Texans (7-6, 1,198pts)
4th - Noel, Blue Storm-Troopers (7-6, 1,048pts)
5th - Shani, Nondescripts (9-4, 1,245pts)
6th - Brad, Second Hand Smoked (9-4, 1,189pts)
7th - Andrew, The Shitehawks (7-6, 1,139pts)
8th - Gordon, G Duck’s Revenge (8-5, 1,064pts)
9th - Tim, Brighton B52’s (7-6, 1,091pts)
10th - James, Buttfumblers (7-6, 1,173pts)
11th - George, Georges Grizzlies (4-9, 1,086pts)
12th - Anders, Punters and Kickers (6-7, 1,003pts)
13th - Alan & Chris, T1ttsburgh Feelers (4-9, 1,049pts)
14th - Jon, Hampshire Hogs (5-8, 968pts)
15th - Dean, West Yorkshire Printers (6-7, 1,077pts)
16th - Simon, Minimum Effort Maximum Reward (2-11, 953pts)

The play-off picture…

The regular season standings overall and by division…

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Just bumping this up as a look back on the previous fantasy season, as we start the new season in less than two months!