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2 tickets for Ravens vs Jags

I have 2 Tickets spare for the ravens vs Jaguars game at Wembley on 24th September at 2:30pm.
Only got these tickets as they came part of the season ticket that i bought to make sure i got myself a vikes ticket. £100 for the pair (which is less than face value of £58 each plus fees) tickets are in hand and can be sent recorded post or meet in London anytime before the 22nd September. The tickets are in block 134 row 42 check the view here http://www.wembleystadium.com/thestadium/viewfromyourseat

Just literally bought some. Bad timing. What block/row etc don’t give the seat number just in case.

Also wanted to say you can trust jmcbean as I’ve met him personally many times at Super Bash parties - he and his partner used to help me with the tickets portal and selling my Squares in the pub before Super Bashes.

Welcome to TFP John.

cheers mate, much appreciated @bluelionman

Hi mate, very interested in these. Struggled to get some earlier on. Could you let me know whereabouts there are in the stadium? If you could get a pic of the ‘view from my seat’ from the Wembley website that would be amazing. Cheers mate

@Shaun_Carter as soon as I’m home from work i will put block and row details up

Shaun is a regular on our Discord chat area

Hi @Shaun_Carter the tickets are in block 134 row 42. I put the link for seat views in o.p

Hi Mate,

Thanks for that, pretty certain I want them, could you keep hold of them for me until i get in from work later and speak to a friend who will be going with me?

Thanks again

Will do

Hi Mate,

I’ll take the tickets please :slight_smile:

Can we sort out payment later about 7pm ish?

Is paypal an option?

Thanks again

Ready to sort out the details whenever you are mate :slight_smile:

Tickets purchased and payment sent via PayPal :grinning:

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Glad it all worked out for both of you. It’s great that TFP can link genuine fans of this sport we all love. #NFL #TFP

Tickets arrived this morning. Brilliant!


Just incase anyone is still looking the returns are now on sale on ticketmaster

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