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2 Spaces in a 12 team league on NFL.com (Standard scoring and draft on Sun 3/9 @ 20.30 UK time)

Hi everyone,

I have two spaces left in a 12 team standard scoring league. League is in its 3rd year and currently have 2 owners who have left. We are an active bunch who chat and trade etc all season long. Looking for anyone whos interested in playing all season no matter how the season goes.

Draft is at 20.30 on September 6th (Sunday)

If you are interested please let me know and I’ll add you to the league


What sort of league is it Dynasty, standard ppr, entry fee etc?

Hi Alan,

It’s a standard scoring league. No keepers and no entry fee.

We have a high percentage of owners returning each season which means I am exploring the idea of adding some keepers in the future but not for this year.


Cool, which one? I don’t really enter free leagues anymore. I’ll step in if you’re really desperate. You can always reduce it to 10 if you don’t get the players. 10 regulars are betting than 12 that don’t play all year

Yeah that is the option I have but would like to try and have 12. Ill keep your offer in mind. Cheers

League is now full

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