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2 Places in Cash NFL Fanatsy Game


I have two spaces left in 12 team cash game on espn. We use leaguesafe to keep the money and this league has run for past 4 years. It is a $60 entry.

Let me know if youre interested or want further info.



This is a game I have played in for the previous 3 years - won it once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cannot make the draft so I’m sitting out this season but can endorse the league so long as you don,t mind the payment system (LeagueSafe).

Might be interested. Is it a redraft/keeper league?

Snake/auction and when is the draft?

It’s a snake draft league. No keepers. Good bunch of us just had couple of drop outs!

Not for me but am sure the other day I see someone asking / looking for a standard cash league to join on NFLUK for him and his mate as the one they was in is not returning this year - I will see if I can find their post and post a link to here.

ok sounds good. When is the draft

Good good mate the draft is Tuesday at 9.30pm shall I add you in? Just need your email address

Courtney - if you get an odd number, I can make the 9:30pm draft so you can add me if needed.

It’s actually scheduled for Monday 9.30 by the looks of it. I can make either though

My bad! Great stuff I send you the league safe address shortly for the money storage.

Ok cheers, see you at the draft.

Heya, Courtney !

I was in a couple of leagues with you years ago : )
I’d definitely be up for this if there’s still space.

Thanks !

… James