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I’m in again this year mate, I did email you but thought I’d confirm! I’ll sort payment out shortly.


How you doing for numbers Noel?


I’m behind with checking e-mails Mark but got 6 confirmed and 5 have already paid - the 6th is weighing me in today - but as I said got a ton of e-mails to catch up with Sunday and will know more then.


Just picked up the e-mail Mozza - now added you to the list top of this thread. :sunglasses:


I’ll be in Noel. will give you the money today


Ok, count me in.


Hi everyone, are Noels details still the same for payment? cheers


Hey guys I am a few days behind with my e-mails am catching up especially ones to do with this where I see headlines - my weekend knocked me out and work getting in the way - please remind me to book the week leading into the new season off work next year so I can fully focus on NFL leagues and games. Will jump all over this now.


Might be a bit late to the show but do you need an extra place filling? If so I’d be more than happy to sign up. 11 pm is like my prime time, haha. Cheers.


edit. I clicked the league and saw you had 12 in so unless you have another in waiting I wouldn’t want to be that odd man making things awkward! If that’s the case please add me to waiting list for next year instead. :sunglasses:


Hey I am not sure everyone showing in the league wants in this year I need to go in and have a cull tonight - plus check my Pay Pal and e-mails see who has paid so am sure might need to fill a spot buddy - will let you know tonight - I don’t get in to 11pm though so gonna be a late one already late leaving for work now.


Okay, cheers Noel. I’ll be on standby for sure.


@ccfcchris @sjsteel17 are you still wanting in this league? I see @bluelionman doesn’t currently have you listed.


cheers mark I am in have paid and now pm’d noel too.


Reason I hadn’t marked you off on list is I didn’t until just now realise you are David Dean - was looking for a Chris? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You are now listed as in and paid. :sunglasses:


Okay all I am up to date but we have an issue - we are 11 players so unless can find 12th ASAP then I have no choice but to delete the last guy as leagues have to be an even number of players so if anyone was thinking about this league now’s the time. My only chance to adjust this league down will be my meal break time at my job so 5-6pm so alas only really have to then to find a 12th man.

Spread the word every one we are 11 - max is 16 and league must be even so will check back in at 5:30pm and confirm league size - if you want in 100% PM me and include e-mail addy to invite you to the league at and be ready to jump in ASAP from 6pm as I’ll direct invite you to the league between 5-6pm when on my meal break as league won’t go live if not full so need to be sure anyone that puts their hand up joins before 8pm. I wont be able to monitor.


I’ll keep an eye out for replies and invite anyone that wants in as Noel has given me LM privileges


Still time to get a spot


I might have 1. Still looking?