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Ok, I have a mate who will join. Do we have the league code? Only thing is will have to sort payment out tomorrow.


Send me his email address and I will invite him




Have sent the invite out, let me know if he doesn’t get it.

And thanks


We should have 12 now so Malcy is in as well


Any chance of any more?


If we get 2


Understood. Just wish we had a few more. 12 team is a bit meh.


So 12 is less prize money but it’s still fun - just means better squads for all and plenty of Free Agents.


Do you wish me to remove you from the waiting list going forward Ian?


Still looking for owners


I don’t mind staying on the waiting list for next year if that’s ok Noel. Trouble is by the time it gets to August I’ve usually entered more leagues than I intended to! This time of year is our Christmas I suppose! :crazy_face:


Well this one will always be a late eve of season draft going forwards but nothing to stop you joining early so ya know ya already in it as there will be spaces as we are down to 12 this year and max for this league is 16 as that was how it was originally set up - last year we was 14. So when It goes live in June/July can get you in then - or at least can invite you then to make a decision early doors?


Only advising for next year those that want to can get in as there’s spaces - league was set up to be 16 teams but only a 12 teamer this season (2018) so 4 open spots off the bat for 2019 meaning first 4 on waiting list are guaranteed to get in - should they still want to. :sunglasses:


Sorry buddy by then my leagues will have increased so unlikely to be free in a year


Posting to confirm I sent my entry fee today. Gracias.


Thanks TMBK - slowly getting through my e-mails and culling my contact list plus typing out Grid-Iron teams so I don’t get confused or miss anything doing in chronological order will take all my Sunday till NFL games starts I imagine. Will update when I get there buddy.


Does anybody know Andre - he is the only person I don’t have any contact details for and therefore not been in contact with to advise how to pay?


Thinks he’s @Mozza_19 friend


He is, sorry Noel I forgot about this. I will sort the payment out tomorrow or by Tuesday at the latest.

Sorry for inconvenience