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Skype chat


Now if you fancy a small group Internet discussion Skype is a great medium if you fancy talking about the draft and how it went.

Tell me you internet name I will add you and we can see if we can organise something


Up for that, also think Skype at half time on early Sunday games could be cool


We use WhatsApp normally but will join if we all move onto that


Hi Al, I assume Sean means video chat, hence the move… might be wrong tho.


Video chat would be nice


I agree fella… would be good


This could spell the end of my penchant for watching games naked. :disappointed:



Mine is the same: chrisj2812


Added you any others I can add pleae


I’m up for this - I have a Skype account but havent used it for years so I’ll try to dig it out


My Skype is citrusplayer, look forward to it.


I have added you gordon


Alright - I’ve sorted it now. Skype username is:



My Skype username is alanr1987


Added you both please reply to confirm you have excepted


It could be a nice method for offering and discussing trades as well as group chats…


It was great chatting to you Gordon tonight a lot of fun


Indeed fella, thats one exciting team you have…


Cheers mate !! And I love your approach and ideas !!