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I wish I had more insight into what causes this - I always knew (well suspected) if you was a successful consistent profit maker you would get black listed as after all there businesses that want to make money but myself being a degenerate gambler and not a consistent winner - far from it - am shocked to discover some bookies have restricted me/my accounts - not for being a problem gambler but for other unknown to me reasons?

Right now I have discovered I have staking restrictions at Paddy Power - I don’t like it but can understand that as had a big win off them last Super Bowl - they don’t like that so now when ever they have a special price / offer or Paddy Price Boost as they call it what ever the advertised MAXis I can only get half that - never get more.

What I find more rude is they never inform you - you only find out when you try to place - bet slip advises you to call for more details as ya trying to bet over ya staking restrcitions or to try lowering your stake.

Now more recently I found I was never getting free bet offers from 888Sport and not getting Best Odds Guaranteed applied so when I queried this via contact us was surprised to be told my account there to has restrictions - they claim I was advised but I assured them and maintain I wasn’t. However this particular account is a head scratcher for me as to why its been restricted…?

Below is the last e-mail reply I had from them in response to my enquiring as to why but to give some context as to why I’m perplexed is this is not only a sports book I do not often bet with (as they often never seem to be best value / price - certainly not now they wont give me BOG) but as I suspected I am down with them - never withdrawn or made money from them so scratching my head as to what I did to cause this situation?

Have uploaded my account info above the e-mail reply I got showing my all time account standing with them - £200 down. So truly don’t get it - maybe I don’t bet enough so they want me to leave and this is there way of getting me to go elsewhere - still seems strange to me though. Well if it does cost them to service accounts (as often sports books claim this when justifying inactive account fees) for this very reason I’m determined to stay - log in every so often and have small bets a quid here or there just to keep the account live and cost them going forwards. However will try my very very best to only put on bets I think have high chance of winning as dont want to zero out as don’t really want to deposit more with them.

Any ways genuinely interested to hear others experiences of this from both the betors side and inside the industry as I know we have a couple peeps on TFP that work inside the industry - sure I’ve seen TFP users mention being an ex-independent bookmaker and an odds compiler.

Any way anyone else can’t get bets on - how that happen to you - also if anyone wants to share tips help me put on decent chance bets at 888Sport much appreciated as down to £2 and change - was 41p but had someone tip me a horse that was there NAP of the day and it won… don’t plan to ever risk more than half my bankroll there per bet - target (with no time limit) is it to win back up to being in profit with them - as that would give me mega smug satisfaction being able to withdraw having not made 888sport any money off of my business.


Winning is certainly one reason they limit you, but also if you just use them in conjunction with some offer they have on each time that might do it as well. I guess they are looking for consistent losing punters that bet without offers as well. If you use their casinos it often helps as well


In my experience, bookmakers are usually against profitable accounts. But that is not the only reason restrictions can be put on an account. Many people follow tipsters on twitter, often these tipsters use the public to manipulate prices, e.g. in horse racing betting on a horse at a price then putting it on twitter as a selection which causes the public to bet on it, which will make price the drop then laying it off on betfair/betdaq etc. If they see your account matches any of these pattern you will soon be restricted. In your case it doesn’t make sense as you are not in profit with them, and as you say you bet small amounts. 888 sport are notorious for restricting people as I found out first hand after only a day.


I hope skybet don’t restrict me.


I find that amazing considering Skybet restricted me after 1 winning bet!


Very interesting that YM - never thought about that and as I know nothing about the GG’s have taken to following tipsters pages exactly like you say and regularly betting the nags they tip - with varying results - I don’t do every tip - dip in and out by mood and if racing is on the TV plus whether I’m off work etc., but have been keeping Google sheets to know where I am - very up and down - but one FB tip page has killed me. Also never thought about that snide angle less scrupulous people would employ.

My sheets regards GG’s (tipsters I been following)

Andy Holding’s (Oddschecker) Racing Tips 2018

Sam Turner (Oddschecker) Racing Tips 2018

Hugh Taylor (Sporting Life) GG Tips 2018

Free UK & Irish Horse Racing Tips 2018 (FB)

If only Big Al from TFP did a GG Tips blog - I’d follow him like! :racehorse:


Damn share ya tips…


That sucks Simon - what did you win on - how much ya take em for…?
I have experienced the same issue with Paddy Power.

Ya can’t win it seems. Even Betvictor whom I lost that massive Super Bowl bet to don’t give me free bets and when I asked why said I wasn’t profitable - when I pointed out the above it was then clarified as your account is not very profitable (for them) of late! :open_mouth:


I cashed out on a horse before the off… literally restricted minutes later! I’ve heard Skybet are a notorious small stakes betting company so I’m very surprised to see someone win over £1k with no restrictions.


You literally follow the top 2 tipsters that get peoples accounts restricted the quickest lool Hugh Taylor and Andy Holding. Hughs prices disappear in seconds, quicker then Houdini!


The greatest tip I ever got was never follow tipsters.


Damn, that’s crazy.


Well I don’t know anything about GG’s but like to have a watch and punt so need get some considered info as me I’d just be picking names I liked sound of - so somewhere I found was the tip area on Odds Checker as I use that side already for finding value prices on the sports I like to bet myself - so started looking at their tips section.

Then a dude when I lost a chunk following a GG Tip group (FRT) on FB saw me post about it and got flamed started chatting to me on messenger as he was similar (another impulsive gambler - think he recognised the signs from my posts) and so any way we become chat buddies sharing info and he recommended Hugh Taylor so I’ve literally only just started having a look at his tips - but I don’t do them all - maybe thats what has saved me being restricted all over as I spread where I place my bets around and I only tend to do them when home and can follow / watch the races - so I am not betting every day or following any pattern.

What a shame TFP doesn’t have its own tipsters - maybe a secret room on Discord or such. I need a GG guy I trust. Also anyone like Tennis I don’t know anything but need to put a £10 bet on - am trying to complete the Boyle Sports World Cup Sticker Promo album and well had to bet on a lot of sports I normally wouldn’t - here’s one I’ve yet to do:

Place a pre-event single bet of 10, or more, on any market, on any tennis match that settles between 00:01 on 11th June and 23:59 on 11th July. (min. odds 1/2)

So any one got a Tennis punt that fits the bill - a good chance to land would be nice as I’m having a bad week… was nearly £700 up on World Cup and GG bets after first 2 weeks but this last week I have shipped it all back… down to just under about 300 up on footie but now down on 3 out of 4 tipsters on the GG’s to about the same tune so basically when I marry it all up reckon be about even… That’s okay but was a hell of a lot better a week ago. :crazy_face: