Reliable Stats


Does anyone know where I can find reliable stats for NFL Defense & Special Teams scoring?

Not fantasy scoring but the actual points these units get in games throughout a season so basically SAFTIES and Interception/Fumble Return TD’s + Kick/Punt Return TD’s?

I thought I found this info on NFL.com but after spending hours collating the stats talking to someone else discovered the info I was using off of NFL.com is flawed/wrong as it does not cover all of this.

Here is the page on NFL.com for these so called defensive scoring Stats: for the 2018 regular season:

Using the Chicago Bears as an example in the chart above for the 2018 regular season… in the above info it says

The Bears had:

1 Kick return Touchdown
1 Interception return Touchdown
1 Blocked Punt return Touchdown

That’s it - yet from running my own fantasy game that scores just defensive points and people having had this unit for the full season I know this is incorrect as the Bears scored
6 TD’s on Defense and 1 Safety this season yet that’s not reflected in NFL.com’s stats above?

So where else can I find this info out for every team if the NFL’s own website is incomplete or down right wrong?


Not sure what you are doing to get those stats but when you say for example

The Bears had:
1 Kick return Touchdown
1 Interception return Touchdown
1 Blocked Punt return Touchdown

That is how many of those touchdowns they GAVE UP in 2018, not how many they scored.

See if something like this works for you:

(And select all players, I think it defaults to all AVAILABLE players)


Thanks Jon - makes sense,

& thanks for the link to that page - I can work with that, cheers (I need this info to help me get my Block DEFENSE values better in my GridIron games and as only real points scored count in this game am trying to nail down those states only for each team and thus value them accordingly in relation to one another under my system of price rise / falls).