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PPR Money League (20GBP)


Safely received thanks! And we’re full - thanks all.


I’m rerunning this league this year - a number of you are already in.

We are now just needing one more player to join to bring us up to the full 10 teams. If anyone knows anyone who is interested, please let me know ASAP. If we cant find a 10th player I will run this with 8 teams and will have to refund the last joiner. Hoping it doesnt come to that!

Draft will be at 9pm on Tuesday 4th September (ie a week today).

@bluelionman - do you fancy it Noel? I know you mentioned in an earlier post that you fancied joining a PPR league.

Many thanks



My problem being is NFL.com only let you be in 6 leagues with one ID and I like only having 1 ID always logged in to operate all my teams and watch Game Pass with.

So unless they ever up the amount of leagues you can do from 1 account I am full up with 6 already.

However I can forward on a link to your info to people that might be interested - also why not post on my leagues walls your in someone might fancy it. Also alas I only finish work at 9-9:30pm on weekdays as I work a late shift.


Hi @jrt55555

I would definitely be interested in joining?




Thanks - unfortunately we will now need one more manager as Chris W is unable to make the draft time. If we get one more interested then you’re in, otherwise we’ll go with 8 teams.


Anyone else fancy taking the last spot?


Sorry its last minute, but interested if your drafting today!


Thanks - but we managed to fill the league and drafted tonight (in under an hour - great work all!)