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PPR Money League (20GBP)


Both in now thanks, we going with 8 or expanding if you get a couple more?


Great stuff.

I’ve got two more people interested now, so assuming they pay in time we’ll expand to 10 teams. Last year we had 12 and I probably wouldn’t want anymore than that.


Sounds good, cheers


12 is the sweet spot for me, when I do a 10 team league it feels weird.

James is a great league manager would do this league even if it is a 6 teamer


You’re too kind David!

Good news - we now have 10 paid up players so I will be expanding to 10 teams. I have one other person confirmed interested, so if we were to get one more I’ll go up to 12. If not, we’ll stick with 10.


I’ll join in to make 12 if you can get one more.


Awesome - I’ll PM you details Mark


anyone else not able to get on?


@jrt55555 Do I get anything for finishing second in this? :grinning:


Hi Mark - yes I believe that nets you £50 - congrats! Can you confirm the email address I should PayPal it to please?


Sent you PayPal details in private message. Congrats on your win!


EDIT - league now full

Hi All

I am running my 12 man PPR league again this year and I have spaces available.

It’s known as the NFLUK Jelly Beans PPR Fantasy Football League. It’s run on NFL.com.

All entry monies (12 x £20 = £240) paid out as prizes:

1st - £150
2nd - £50
Highest weekly score of the season - £20

In terms of the draft, I’m planning to make it a Friday night again and am thinking Friday 1 September at 9pm UK time (just under a week before the first game of the season). If that’s going to be a problem, please could you let me know as soon as possible.




I might join f there’s space


There is space @Alan_Feelers - if you’re up for it PayPal me your monies and the spot is yours!

We currently have 9 managers paid up, one more is due to pay up tomorrow, so that leaves two spare.


Money sent


Safely received - thanks Alan

That’s 10 managers paid up, one more is due to pay tomorrow, so that should leave one more spot.




11th manager has now paid, so that leaves the one spot remaining.



Hi James, is this spot still available? I’ll take it if so


Yes it is Robert! Would be great to have you on board.

If you can PayPal me the £20 (details above) the spot is yours and the league is full up :slight_smile:


Just paid now. Cheers