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Hi all

Planning to run this PPR league again this year, same set up, same league fees. If anyone’s interested in playing then drop me a message with your e-mail address and I’ll send you the sign up details.


I will join the league if there’s a space, when are you thinking of drafting?


Hi there - there is still space so would be great to have you on board. Thinking of drafting on an evening towards the end of this week, or if that doesn’t work for people Sunday evening or an evening early next week, but it will ultimately depend on when I have enough people signed up - I currently have 6, which with yourself would be 7.

I will private message you the sign up details - once you send your entry fees then you’re all sorted.


Did you receive payment ok?


Yes - safely received thanks


What’s the entry details and do we have a draft slot yet?


Sorry over committed this year to attend


Are you still looking for players? I am looking to get involved in a league for the first time. I also have a friend who is interested but would depend on when the draft will take place


Hi - yes I’m still looking for players. I will private message you with the joining details now.

I’m planning to make the draft 9pm on Monday, but can be a bit flexible.


I will send you a league invite. I will randomise the draft order once the leagues full.


Oh no!
I can’t do Monday or Tuesday night next week as I’ve just been told by work where on a motorway job on a night closure then.
I was hoping it was one night this week


Paid up! I can make any evening for the draft. I have a friend who wants to join buy unfortunately he can’t make it on either Sunday or Monday night so could only join if it was a different evening


What about a week today - Wednesday 7 September at say 9pm. Would that work for you guys?


I’m available Friday night this week and yes next Wednesday


I can make Wednesday night. If Wednesday is confirmed I will have another entry and can send cash straight over


On that basis lets go with 9pm on Wednesday 7th.

@Toonbazza - if your friend can send me their entry fee then he can have the 8th spot.


I’ve sent it, i will send a private message with name and email address


@otleyroad @Toonbazza - I have emailed you both invites to join the NFL.comleague - please can you sign in ASAP to take up your spot? @Toonbazza - can you also ask your friend to do the same, I have also emailed him.




No invite received by me or Malcolm


Thanks for flagging - ive just sent you a PM on here with manual invite details - can you try those and share with Malcolm? Let me know if that does the trick.