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Dynasty Startup Fantrax - Auction Start


I am starting a new dynasty league on Fantrax. We will have 2 online auctions to start the draft. Then we will finish the draft with a snake to fill out the teams.

It will be 14 teams and $50 per year.

You can see all of the rules here.


Have signed up




Want to sign up how do I do it?


Says in the rules To Register, send an email to elinetw@gmail.com with your phone number to get in the WhatsApp group. You will get an invite to the Fantrax League where you can pay the dues.


There are still a few spots available, send me an email and I will invite you to the league on Fantrax.


Looking for the last few people for the league. Check out the rules and send me an email if you are interested.


League looks great, unfortunately I will be at work on the 10th of june for the 2nd draft. If anyone is running any other leagues please pass on the information.



We need to move the draft date. I am going to make sure anyone currently signed up can make the drafts. If you are interested in the league I can add you and we will come with a draft that works for everyone. Send me an email with you phone number for the WhatsApp group where we can coordinate the draft.


Sorry for the late reply, Im interested if we can get the numbers.



Some people dropped out late and we couldn’t get enough for the original draft date. We are pushing it back a few weeks. If you are still interested send me your email and I’ll send you an invite. You should be number 12 of 14.


any spaces left


If so, my email address is thandouk@hotmail.com


I sent you an email thandouk, did you receive it?


The draft has been moved to July 12th and July 15th. there are a few spots available with the new date. Contact me if you are interested.


email received