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Coming To London for Games


Hi all,

I just had a call from USA (friends of mine) that want to come over for the Lions@Chiefs game but the official package is so expensive so wondered if I had any advice. Now I don’t live in London neither do I live to far away to have ever needed to stay over so my knowledge is only what I can find on the internet so just wondered if any of you have any experience or advice - recommendations. What they told me on the phone (as one of them came the expensive official weekend road trip last year) is this time they fancied coming for around a week Tuesday before to Tuesday after game and wanted to stay around Wembley area for the weekend so could do all things if any going on - tailgate, fan rallies and they liked a local pub near tube station to hang in after game so that was the criteria.

They is looking in to cheap flights as they is also dear at moment they said and possibly may be able to fly from Canada (Windsor) for less money.

So any advice or recommendations that would be helpful to not just me but anyone coming for games to London please post on this thread.


Have them check hotels.com or similar sites for apartments to rent. Usually cheaper than actual hotels and far more comfortable.


Noel - My cousin lives in Canada, she uses Canadian Affair to fly to the UK most of the time (budget airline).

Why not try to find out which hotel the Lions are staying at / or which venue they are training at, it would be good to book one of those hotels.


If they are from Detroit, flights might be cheaper from across the river in
Windsor or even better Toronto.


we are having some events after the fan rallies. come along and say hello. :grinning: