Cerberus Dynasty League


BTW, as I’m new to auction, can you provide a little more info about how it works? Is it a blind auction, or are we raising on each bid like a true auction house…$10, do I hear to $15? etc.


Hi Paul,

Yes, the draft room will randomise an order in which we nominate players. Say your first, you can pick a player from the list at the side. Let’s for arguments sake say you pick gurley. It will automatically put a bid of $1 for you. So think about who you are nominating. That player is now live and we can all bid on him via buttons that youll see. Or you can type an amount if you want. You get 30 seconds I think to bid I but every time a bid comes in the clock goes back up to 10 seconds. There will be lots of last second bids when your dreams are shattered but you can still bid again till the player is sold. Player 2 then nominates a player and we repeat the process till we all have four. Once you have four players you can no longer bid even if you have money. Each player will cost at least a dollar so you could buy players for 50,50,50,50 or 197,1,1,1 if you get carried away. Watch out for the troll Pittsburgh TE David Johnson as he often get nominated by someone sneaky to try and get some poor sod to waste money.

Hope this helps




Sounds good. I found an article on ESPN’s website too - http://games.espn.com/ffl/resources/help/content?name=drafts-auction

I can tell there’s more to it than just following your rankings for the draft spot you’re in.Looks fun :grinning:


The league has a new discord channel all of it’s own. A great place to talk trades or advertise your picks.

Discord is a free app.

channel invite https://discordapp.com/invite/EhXSZte

Channel name Cerberus Dynasty League


@thandouk and @markdimmock812 you need to join the ESPN league asap



I participated in my first full auction draft last year. It definitely opens up a new dimension and strategy. It can be quite cutthroat at times! But all part of the fun. :balloon:


Draft is in 2 hours. Remember it’s ESPN for the auction part.




Remember lots of starters in this

1 qb, 1 rb, 1wr, 1te must start
Plus 6 rb-wr-te flex spots with a maximum of 5 of any one position


The snake draft is now live on mfl, please check your rosters.


The Cerberus League Dynasty Rules

Notice: Every year we will review rules and suggest changes.

Cost=£30 £25(+5 for MFL League)
$80 is the annual fee for the My Fantasy League website, the chosen platform.
This works out at about £5 per head.
In addition, £25 a head in for prize money.
These funds will need to be transferred to me before the draft at the beginning of each season.

Prize Money
Prize money is £300
Runner Up=£75
Division Winner=£75

Rookie Draft (from 2019)
After the first season, only a 5 round rookie draft will be held during the off-season (generally 1-2 weeks after the NFL draft). In this draft, only rookies taken in the NFL draft that year or free agents not on a league roster can be chosen.
These rookies/free agents can be moved directly into your 25 player roster. Immediately prior to the draft the rosters will be extended to 30 man rosters and will remain at 30 until immediately after the final pre-season game where you will have to reduce the roster back down to 25.

Rookie draft order is determined by performance the previous year as follows:
Picks will be Winner gets pick 12, R/Up 11
Lost SF (Best league place eliminated) Pick 10, Worst league place SF 9
Best league placed losing QF 8, Worst League place losing QF 7
The final 6 picks will be determined by league position only. Worst place team in league will get first pick.
This “rookie” draft will proceed in the defined order for all rounds just like the actual NFL draft. There is no snake-like order here.

You will be penalised for tanking. Any teams that field an inactive player will be penalised. It is a manager’s responsibility to make sure a full team is fielded where possible. If you play an inactive player the best player from you bench will be put in. The result will stand as far as league position goes, but as far as future draft picks if swapping the player in means you would have won then this will give you a win as far as draft picks go. So you could finish with 5 wins but it will be six as far as next year’s draft goes. Also dropping clear studs will be penalised also. This is at the League Commissioners discretion. It will only be enforced where a clear violation has occurred. I.e you drop Zeke to play Trent Richardson etc. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!

During the season, a roster will consist of 25 player flex roster. Of these you play 9 players each week:
1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
6 flex (RB, WR or TE)
There are no maximum positional restrictions at QB, RB, WR and TE i.e. you can have 5 QBs on your roster if you like. Play it your way with lots of flexibility to who you can field in your lineup.
A new starting line-up should be submitted to the website each week. This consists of your nine starters for that week.
At the beginning of each week, your starting line-up will be automatically populated with your line-up from the previous week.
You will not be allowed to play a player on a bye week so be sure to check you have a valid line-up.

Trading is allowed year round and should be encouraged especially for those in rebuilding mode trying to stack up on draft picks (See Trades section below).
As of the beginning of Week 16, there will no longer be adds/drops for the majority of the offseason (see Adds/Drops section below)
The rookie/free agent draft will take place 1/2 weeks after the NFL draft
At this point your core roster can balloon up to 30 players total In Season 1 - the core roster will be 25 until the start of the season (reflecting the initial 25 round draft)
Preseason adds/drops will be allowed on a first-come-first-serve basis from this time up until Game 1 of the regular season. We will determine when fee agency begins nearer the time.
Rosters must be cut back down to 25 players by Game 1 of the regular season.

Waivers will handled via a blind bidding system during the season (First Game of Week 1 to First game of Week 16).
Each team receives $100 fictional dollars TO LAST THE WHOLE SEASON. You can bid in 0 if you like as that’s the minimum bid. You can bid in 0.1 increments. So, bids can be $4.7 for example.
This capability will be operated automatically through the MFL website
The highest bid on any player wins and the full amount bid will be deducted from you budget.
Example: If participant one bids $50 and participant two bids $4 for the same player. Participant one wins the player and $50 is deducted from participant one’s account.
Any ties in bidding are resolved by overall record, then most points, then head-to-head record respectively (favouring the worse team).
Wednesday through game-time of the 1pm Sunday games that week will be first-come-first-serve
After the first game of Week 16, players will be locked down until the rookie draft the following year.
When a player is dropped he will be locked until the next waiver period.


The trading deadline will likely be just before week 14. But I will confirm this.
Trading will be opened up again after the fantasy playoffs conclude.
Trading is allowed year-round (except from the trading deadline in Week 14 until after the fantasy playoff final) and should be encouraged especially for those in rebuilding mode trying to stack up on draft picks.
All trades are automatically processed. If the commissioner feels it is a clear case of collusion or it is an obvious ‘trade back’ for bye week purposes, or league members have complained, the trade will be put to a vote where it will either stick or be rejected based on a simple majority.
A trade proposal will be valid for 2 days before being automatically rejected due to inactivity.
To complete a trade both team rosters must maintain the proper size. Any extra players must be dropped. Once a trade is accepted it cannot be reversed as a result of an invalid roster.
Thus, if the player does not then the commissioner will drop a player if necessary to make the trade go through. Drops are made based on commissioner discretion and Football Guys dynasty rankings
After the inaugural draft, trading future draft picks is allowed up to 3 years out.
Trade Mistakes: Any mistakes in an accepted trade must be notified to the commish ASAP. While there is no specific deadline in notifying. In general anything over 2 hours will most likely not be considered. As a commish, I review trades for possible mistakes. But it has to be extreme for me to even notice. If it’s over 24 hours and I don’t see an issue, it is official and complete. Within 24 hours a reversal or change is at the commish’s discretion. In general a trade is official once accepted. Bad trades or trade regrets are not a reason for overturning. A trade mistake (like including the wrong pick or player) can be ‘corrected’ if the commish is notified right away. The trade will most likely need to be corrected and the other party must agree to the correction. A complete reversal will only happen in extreme circumstances (including the wrong player or excluding a player) in which the trade becomes completely unbalanced. If this isn’t completely obvious the trade will most likely not be overturned. Trade at your own risk and PLEASE REVIEW YOUR TRADES PRIOR TO PROPOSING/ACCEPTING.
You can also trade blind bidding dollars if you wish.




The winner of the game is determined by which player has the most points.
Standings are determined by a team’s win/loss record.
Total season points remain constant after week 13. No points will be added to the total during playoffs, as this will create an unfair advantage for those without a playoff bye.

We will all play each other in a division of 12. We will all play each other at least once.
Six teams will make the playoffs. Team Record and points scored will decide these standings.
Week 14 of the NFL season will be used for round 1 of the playoffs in which there will be two play-in games between seeds #3 vs. #6 and #4 vs. #5
Week 15 will be the next round with #1 vs. the lowest seed remaining and #2 vs. the highest seed remaining
Week 16 will be used for the fantasy bowl between the winning teams
Tie breaking formula for the Play-offs
Overall Record
Total Points Scored


Because of the inability to include all possible scenarios in these rules the commissioner will assume the governing position for the league. If any issues or suggestions come up the commissioner will determine the correct course of action, gain the approval of the majority of the league, and consequently enforce whatever action is necessary to maintain fair, fun, and honest play.


I love it how on MFL you can edit franchise detail and give yourself a home stadium. A really cool feature for the match reports.

Space Raiders play their home games at the Alien Dome on the planet Zeta Reticuli IX.

They are coached by Coach Walker of planet Earth and his loyal assistant Giant Gruber, who is a former all-pro guard of the Zouch All Stars.

Space Raiders home jerseys are ‘foil silver’ with ‘pickled onion green’ piping. Pants and socks are ‘brilliant white’. Home helmets are ‘foil silver’ with a ‘pickled onion green’ alien head motif and ‘brilliant white’ grill.

Road jerseys are ‘beef red’ with ‘crisp packet black’ piping. Pants and socks are ‘crisp packet black’ with ‘beef red’ piping. Road helmets are ‘crisp packet black’ with a ‘beef red’ alien motif and ‘10 pence gold’ grill.

Star players include Odell Beckham and Kareem Hunt.


Free Agency will open Tue Aug 21 2018 8:00 p.m. GMT, not sure if it will be fastest fingers first or waivers so be prepared for both.




Final Standings 2018