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Cerberus Dynasty League


This will be a slow draft on discord, 8 hours per pick. I will throw it over to people on fleaflicker if we don’t fill it on here. It’s only going to be 10-12 teams and it’s full point ppr. It’ll be flexible with who you play and will be a vet/rookie draft combined so again different.

two possible drafting strategies we will go with the consensus.


a) We pick numbers out at random and they can choose their drafting position in order


B) Auction, We each get 200 to spend on 4 players for our first 4 picks. The one the spends the least has first pick in a snake draft going forward. The one that maxes out their £200 picks last in the 5th

reply to this thread to secure your place as it’s 12 team max.

Paid in bold
1) Al
2) Sean
3) Dan C
4) Mike
5) David
6) Andy
7) Paul
8) Malcy
9) Mark
10) James
11) Graeme Paid 2019
12) Dan N


As it’s another dynasty I’m in

I would say a wab system should work.


Ie the 200 budget thing I like


I’m in it


I’m in…as long as we’re not drafting between 5th-12th June


I am always up for another league


Thanks Alan I’m in


*Hands his ticket to the carny and boards the Al Feelers’ Dynasty Ride.

I’m in. :roller_coaster:


Is there space for another


Yes we have 3 spaces there a space for you if you want it. I’ve added you to the list. So we now have 2 spaces remaining

Only 1 space left now after Graeme


thanks Alan


Which site should we use?

  • fleaflicker free but has adverts
  • myfantasyleague.com £5 each has extra functionality
  • Happy with either

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Which draft do you prefer?

  • Auction first four rounds/players You have 200 and have to get 4 players. Round 5 onwards Snake
  • Snake all the way, draft order drawn live.
  • Don’t mind either

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Buy in

  • £25
  • £30
  • £40
  • above £25 is a dealbreaker
  • Any is fine by me

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Very keen. Any indication on draft weekends?


@tollernee I think a couple are on holiday at the moment and Mike I think is away 5-12 June so soon after that. Or before the 5th if there’s time but doubtful. Will keep everyone posted


No probs. I’m off for much of August, so wondered. But dynasty drafts are typically earlier than Redrafts.

Assume you’ll have a poll.


Yes will do mate. I’ll try my best to accommodate everyone. It’ll be well before August. June at the latest


£25 but in works for me. Think I clicked the wrong option


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