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BLM'S PREM DRAFT LEAGUE (FPL) 2018/19 (£25 @ Team)


Confirmed & Paid List:
Name / TFP username

1. Noel Symonds / bluelionman
2. Iain Morris / Mozza_19

I am setting this up in plenty of time this year.

To avoid confusion and time spent voting etc., I have picked a date and time and ruleset for this league. The entry fee will be the same as last season - £25 per team. I will confirm prizes after the draft but before the season starts when I know how many teams we have (unless I get a full quota of 16 players prior to then in which case I can then work out the prizes before the draft itself - which would be better). All entry fees will be paid back out as prizes.

I am using Fantasy Premier Leagues draft game for my league.

You may have noticed from the above league info is this year the FPL Draft game has introduced trading so you can trade players with other teams. I have activated this in my league where it goes to a vote system - this means managers can vote against a trade (hopefully they only do this if they think the trade is unfair) but to get a trade vetoed it takes 50% of managers to vote against it - not only that a trade is approved at the waiver deadline and the system takes any non team manager votes as approval. So it is much more likely trades will go through than not - and also means managers should pay attention to trades when notified and use their veto option if they don’t agree with it.

I have stuck with the standard default of 90 seconds per pick - I know some find this to long but equally others don’t so decided to keep to the default setting (the system allows for me to set it from 30 seconds through to 120 seconds).

I have chosen a Saturday evening for the live draft in the hope it will suit as many prospective players as possible and as this game allows overseas players am hoping some will join us to. Also I picked the evening as I know the Championship will have started this weekend and am hoping not to clash with the majority of Championship games in case anyone is a supporter of those teams and will be going to or watching the games of those teams. Also if times don’t suit those overseas am hoping the fact it’s a Saturday may allow them to work around it if it’s some ungodly hour for them with the fact hopefully it’s not a working day afterwards.

I have decided to send this info out by e-mail and post it on TFP and the first 15 to commit and pay up are in.

I send a direct invite to the league when a person pays the entry fee - that way I guarantee its first come first served, don’t have to chase anyone for payment and can confirm the prizes sooner rather than later.

Direct Links

Fantasy Premier League / DRAFT

All that remains is for you to decide - are you in - or out?

best regards,

Noel / bluelionman

PS - PM me for payment instructions if you don’t know the score.