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While we wait

Not sure if anybody fancy playing Fantasy Movie League but it’s a new fantasy league that has been set up by Matthew Berry. It’s free and gives us something to do while we’re waiting for the new NFL season to start.

If you’re up for it then join my league here.

Password is ‘httr’.

Let me know if you have any questions.

im in, as is Sean…

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Wicked - I am gutted it’s 6 weeks in would of loved to do this from the beginning and use in my NFLUK fantasy leagues thingy!

However will try it and join your league Anders all be it late.

Great guys, should be a bit of fun.

Just to let you know, we’re all starting on the same time, so that’s why the league makes a difference … forget the over all standing. Once the summer schedule is over (30 August) they will do a fall, winter and spring schedule too.

As per the rules on the site:

New game weeks begin at 13:00:00PM BST each Monday, except for Holiday Weekends, where the new week does not start until 13:00:00PM BST on Tuesday. Regardless of the start day, all players must finalize their Fantasy Cineplex selections by 17:00:00 PM BST each Friday.

Looks like Gordons Cinema didn’t open for business - lol :astonished:

He did that as a favour to me, otherwise I’d be winning the Sacko right now :smile:

Thanks Gordon!!

just so busy these days guys, missed it this week. Am I too late or do we start again soon?

Mate, you can easily catch up … just get your next set of movies sorted out and you’re good to go. I’m so rubbish at this that you will easily over take me lol

ok will do, when is the weekly deadline?

Fridays at 5 p.m. U.K. time

Sorry guys, I did it again! Just not had the time over the last couple of weeks. Today as an example has been mental, with the wife and I being so busy over the last couple of weeks left the washing to pile up… The Mrs started upon the mountain yesterday only to find our washing machine generates a common error instead of washing. We are still trying to get that fixed but today we decided to go to a friends place and use their washing machine while they are abroad. Their machine did not work either, after calling them they confirmed that it does indeed have some intermittent issue lol. Instead we went to a launderette (yes they still exist). That was fine but later when the washing was home the good wife started ironing while I carried out some remote work, the iron only stopped working too! After I checked the obvious stuff like fuse etc we had to go shopping for a new one. Since we got back I have been trying to find a custom rom for my phone (very needed) but after searching the globe it seems its only the stock rom’s that are available currently. Now because I lost my rail cards on a stag doo last weekend I have to take a walk to the station to renew my Photo ID. Work has been mental the last few weeks and I have been applying for a mortgage and as you can see, loads of strange stuff keeping me on my toes!!

I will update my choices tomorrow if we get time as I am up North this week for work followed by a weekend even further North to visit my now recovered Sister, brother and twins.

You have my apologies for not making my selections the last 2 weeks…, I will still win! ; )

Selections are now locked ; (

Hey dude, I’m sorry to hear about your bad ‘washing experience’ but now you know to buy quality stuff + insurance when you finally buy your first house;-) I hope next week is better for you and Fatma and even though you’ve missed two weeks of the fantasymovieleague.com you can still easily overtake me … as I apparently know nothing about movies lol.

The picks are in, read em and weep mo fo’s… :smile:

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