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Wembley Tunnel - Dolphins

@bluelionman Did I see you come out of the Dolphins tunnel at Wembley? My son is sure he saw you. It was difficult for me to tell from distance, although I did see a Lions shirt:-)

Not me - I was on my sofa watching the game on BBC2 and thinking there endless going to some B name or A name star who got to be pitch side was annoying. I will venture up for the Lions/Chiefs game and will end up in the Marylebone Sports bar & grill for the later games and food and be there until end of the late, late Sunday night game or when they kick me out whichever is the sooner! Won’t be in any rush to get there as be hanging round Wembley posing for picture after game with American buddies and drinking in a pub near to ground my US chums liked last year before then dragging them to the Marylebone Sports bar for food and other games. Would love to get a big crowd in there from here to (TFP) make a night of it. I can’t decide whether to wear my Stormtrooper outfit or not this year as it was un-comfy last year sitting down in it and I have broke the groin doing so… but on the other hand it did seem to go down well and make for good pictures for other fans.


That mascot was just plain wrong. The way it moved, just wasn’t right!

Found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jBYSgdqOjI

Noel, sounds like a plan. Where do you go prior to the game?

I don’t as am terrible at getting up - last year missed kick-off as took so long get there (and took way to long getting Stormtrooper outfit on). Will look to try and get up earlier this year.

Edit going to a fan party night before - more NFL fans the better if ya based in London.

i loved the dolphin he had me in stitches

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lol he went upside down at one stage and was jumping on his head i thought he was pure gold

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