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Well done & Good luck

To all those TFP originals who made it to the playoffs already, well done!

Good luck this week to those still pushing for a spot, looks like we will get a team in on only 6 wins this year!

The playoff’s are a whole new tournament, anything can happen, any week… Lets have it!


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Cheers Gordon - and well done to you for a great season, and the number one seed in the playoffs I think?

After missing out last year, I was desperate to make the playoffs this time around so my main aim is achieved. I think I have also finished with most points scored in the regular season (just ahead of Simon and Noel from the powerhouse Northern division!), which is a huge bonus.

As you say, the playoffs are a whole new tournament - one game and you’re out, so your whole season could be over on literally one drop or one pick. Looks like I will be playing Brad, who has outscored me 4 of the last 5 weeks, so I think I will go into this expecting to lose and will be happy if I am proved wrong.

And as ever, the season has been a fun one, competitive every week, and letting me enjoy the NFL with a gang of people I really get on with - so I’ve won whatever the result! :grinning:

Congrats Gordon on Number 1 seed, I shall see you in the final haha!

Hey Jon, no one wanted the playoffs this year more than me after the beating I took year 1! I viewed last year as a massive learning experience though and I’m glad the things I viewed as mistakes last year I didn’t recommit this year. I didn’t expect to quite have had the regular season I’ve had, all I wanted was improvement (which wasn’t hard).

So excited for the playoffs! I’m into the knockouts in another league too, a 12 teamer and it’s strange having a stronger team on paper in this league :smiley:

Whoever wins, it shall be well deserved because regardless of ‘luck’ and ‘any given Sunday’, we’ve all been there in years past and all you can do is put yourself in a position to enjoy the ride :smile:

Hey Guys

Thanks! yes… number one seed here. You need a lot of luck to go along with other factors in this game and I certainly had my share so far. I had a number of narrow margin games and seemed to mostly come through them with a lucky W, those small margin wins were the v slight difference. Having won my div last year my aim was to repeat that again this season so well chuffed with that.

Newton and Freeman were inspired picks Jon! Its also been really interesting to see how well the zero RB strategy has played out, a theory I practically scoffed at on draft day :smile:

If my calculations are correct I shall play off v divisional rival Cyderdrinkers who already pushed me aside in week 3, the claws are out this time!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As you said Jon, its been a load of fun. Disapointed however that there aint no prize for 1st seed… despite coming 6th on points :sob:

Well done on your victory Gordon, it was very close and it more or less came down to a missed FG. I think you have another tough match-up this weekend then you should be able to steamroller me in the final (I’d be more than happy just to be there).

Very consistent season, I’m sure the number 1 seed should have some kind of advantage, financial/points - yet another topic to cover in the off-season.

Thanks Dean, appreciate it.

I agree, I think I’m 2nd favourite this coming week. Credit must be given to LM for making the semi finals 2 years on the bounce! I was just saying to Sean that Noel’s players have real life matchups this coming week that appear to be sprinkled with stardust :disappointed:

My main players being Williams, Barnidge and Bryant are up against Denver & Seattle this week so that’s a big knock. That said I will do what I can do and see how it rolls…

You have done very well dude, I personally have Brad overall favourite but as they say… The bigger they come the harder they fall :hushed: Actually I tend to find that when I’m 2nd on weekly projections I win and tend to lose when projected the favourite… Anything can happen so good luck!

I’ve bumbled my way to this stage and face Brads team who I thought looked very strong throughout the game despite his finishing position. I should have taken Gronk when I had the chance, he’s the dominant force in Fantasy at the moment, I suspect he’ll be the player who ends my run, even if my players do perform.

It would help if I had any faith in Matt Cassel, I’m pinning my hopes on him playing at Home in a prime time game with a Dez Bryant who is demanding some targets whilst he’s on Revis Island.

Begrudging well done and good luck from me. I will be bitter for a good while :stuck_out_tongue:

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hard luck there Simon, losing a key runner at a vital time, never nice.