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Evening folks !

The US PGA starts this Thursday, is anyone interested in a $20 DraftKings game like the one we played for the UK Open a couple of weeks back?

If you are interested, please let me know your DK user name on here by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon and I will set up a league.

Apologies in advance, DK is pretty inflexible when setting up leagues - if I set up a league for 6 and only 5 sign up, the league won’t happen. If I set up a league for 6 and someone else wants to join late on, I can’t increase the league size… so I will have to be strict on the deadline - and once I have set up the league you will have till tee off time (Thursday late morning?) to join the game

I will set it up to pay 1st and 2nd places (around 2/3 and 1/3 of the pot respectively)

For those of you who use the chat app Discord, we have a “draftkings-golf” thread to discuss the tournament as it unfolds.


I’ll be donating my $20 jon


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Go on then. Markdimmock812

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I’m in - thanks for running it.


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Yes, thanks Jon. I was going to set something up but been stupidly busy over the last week or so.

I’m back in again, it was good fun the open one

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I’ll be in geoeddie1993

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Count me in Jon!


Folks - we have 7 entries:
Me, @Alan_Zreik, @Alan_Feelers, @Flacco2012, @UkDetroit3Lions, @markdimmock812, @Dean

If I’ve set this up right, the league is now there and you should each have an invitation…

I’ve joined to donate my $20

5 out of 7 signed up already - cheers guys - just need George and Al Z and we are good to go :golfer: