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Trades - TFP Originals

Remind please - are we allowed to trade DURING the draft? I.e for someone already drafted or to trade up for example to pick someone (possible I guess as its a snake and offline?)
Also I maybe wrong but it felt like there were a lot less trades in year two at least initially?,
maybe the WAB system kind of eliminated trades as that was a major lever a manager could pull to improve their team, and I guess when WAB ran out it led to more trade activity. Anyway it will be interesting to see what the waiver system has on our teams in the coming season


Your correct on both counts. It felt like there was less trades in season two and there was actually less trades in season two. Additionally I’m quite sure that this was down to WAB as you suggest, players opted more so to maintain their teams through the pennies in their pocket rather than trade. That said it was surprising to see at the end of the season that the trade count was in the mid twenties which to me was more than expected. Maybe I was surprised because I tried to trade loads and failed mostly despite having a hot team and always offering up decent offers. At the end of the day though this is just part of the game and everybody needs to play it as they see fit.