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Thefanpub.com podcast episode #7


Downloaded overnight off iTunes, that should be my entertainment at work this afternoon!


Awesome stuff! Will get that new podcast site up soon too :open_mouth:


Listened to your latest podcast (9?) and noted the comment that Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson were not as consistent as Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton - from a fantasy points production point of view was the implication. I wasn’t so sure so took a bit of a look.

I pulled out the weekly fantasy points for the four guys in 2014 and 2015 - omitting Luck 2015 as there were a lot fewer games. I worked out the standard deviation first as a simple way of gauging how much the players’ scores varied by week (put simply, a low standard deviation means pretty much the same score every week, a high standard deviation means wild swings from high to low)

Wilson 2015: 7.0
Newton 2014: 7.9
Rodgers 2015: 8.1
Rodgers 2014: 8.3
Luck 2014: 9.0
Newton 2015: 9.1
Wilson 2015: 9.2

First thoughts - there’s not a great deal between them, but Russell Wilson last year was actually the most consistent of the bunch.

Another thing I checked out in terms of consistency was how often did the QB put up a solid week (15-25 pts) compared to a great week (25+) or a poor one (under 15). On those arbitrary boundaries, Wilson and Newton had a grand total of ZERO poor weeks last year - that’s how consistently good they both were.
Luck had 7 great weeks in a row in 2014 - 5 of those weeks were over 30 points. Wow.
And Aaron Rodgers had 3 poor weeks last season alone - including a 7 pointer when the Packers got stuffed in Denver.


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Interesting stuff Jon, I don’t remember saying that, must have been Sean lol. The year Benjamin played in 2014 Cam was the 16th ranked QB that year