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TFP Originals - League standings tiebreaker settings

Just had a brief chat with Chris regarding how these are worked out currently.

It seems as though we are using a H2H setting whereby it will determine your spot against players with the same W/L on who has beaten who.

This setting allows for some odd standings (noticably for me this week amongst the 3-3 teams) but apparently pushed out a team at the end of last year who has scored more points than the 8th seed.

The main reason I bring this up isn’t really about wanting to change it to a ‘points for’ setting, but rather that if we stay as H2H… being a 16 team league in a 14 week regular season, we won’t all play each other so H2H doesn’t seem the fairest way to do this.

What are your guys thoughts on this?

Edit:- If we do decide to change, our 3 options would be 1. Points for 2. H2H 3. Divisional record/H2H

I think the tiebreaker between teams should be
1- who has most wins
2- who has most points

So just to be clear, you are talking about tie’s that occur for the remaining 4 non divisional winners?

I see it as this…

  1. Div tie’s should be head to head
  2. Inter div ties should also be head to head and then if they did not play each other - points.

I say for this two reasons…

a) I dont think it should be changed mid season (not that your proposing that).
b) I really dont like the concept of a points race all season long, I think the further we are from that the better.

I just enjoy the head to head situation, and the trash talking that can go with that… not that many retort but the prospect is nice :smile: The closer we are to a points race the less interesting the weekly martchups become.

Just my 2 pence.

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The problem with H2H tiebreaker in a 16 team league is that if you are tied with 2 other teams, and you have played neither and the other two teams have played then you are always going to finish in the middle.

Not sure this seems fair as you can’t control who you play. Is fantasy not about getting as many points as possible, the weekly matches are still important so you don’t finish needing a tiebreaker.

Weekly matchups are still interesting as you still need to get the wins.

I agree with Jon and the other guys.

Wins first
Points second.

This seems the best way to get the best teams in the playoffs.

Not that it will matter to us :frowning:

It depends on who the tie is with. If you are in the same division, then head to head should prevail. If you are still tied then it go to points differential.
If you are in different divisions, then it should be record vs. common teams and then points differential.

Using points scored alone as a form of seeding is not a true indication of skill and has more luck involved. For example, in one of my other leagues, I started Sam Bradford last week. On the last two plays of the game, he knelt down to let time run out. In the process he lost 3 yards from his rushing total. A mere 0.3 of point, however, I lost the game by 0.18 of a point.
I don’t think that outcome was related to skill.
My point being, seedings should be as directly tied to skill as possible.

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I agree it should be about skill. That’s why I can’t go with H2H since there are 2 teams which each of us won’t play each season. That opens up the possibility where some teams won’t have common opponents and as such gives the teams that did face each other an unfair advantage.

The clearest example is to look at what has happened with the 3-3 teams this week and I’d hate for that scenario to play out at the end of week 13.

All fair points.

As Shani pointed out earlier this week in Google+ this topic was discussed last season and Noel advised then that he was sticking to NFL defaults. This season I am also playing in a new dynasty league. Last week we saw score adjustments made on the Thursday to the games played the previous weekend. The score adjustments were very small and the first of the season. The result was my main div rival obtained an additional point which was enough to change his weekly result from a loss to a win. Everybody was surprised to find adjustments were enabled in the league which spawned a pole asking whether people wanted to change it. The adjustments may end up costing me the division but my answer to the pole was the same, changing rules mid-season is a tricky business so should usually be left alone.

However its obviously up to LM. Maybe we need a poll with a clear preference to help him make a decision?

This debate is fine but it’s a money league and I am changing nothing mid season - just as you guys did not like the waiver wire last year however more than happy for all to chuck in their thoughts and musings plus thrash out what the majority of us deem best for this league going forward and put in place for future seasons. However all should be discussed and then a poll put up as sometimes the vocal drown out the shy and we seem to have quite a few GM’s that are not as outspoken or post much either here or even on the league wall. However it has to be a rule I can enable or select and then let the game run - no manual LC adjusting each week - that’s for sure!

I don’t think anyone is suggesting we change it mid season just something to discuss for next season I guess

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Thanks Noel. Sounds good/fair.