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So these are a thing

So apparently these are a thing, and Amazon sell them in the UK. It’s alright for a grown man to buy these, right? :smile:

Now… to keep them in the box or not?!

I’ve been collecting autos not cheap but fun if anyone wants any let me know


Interesting, would be great on a chess board ; )

…that could be… amazing! Just need to figure out a way to arrange a black and white set!

Apparently similar things are out there but they either look gimmicky or cheap in most cases and with a quick glance its seems you would have to get them custom made if you wanted a quality set. I agree, a good set, well made and well painted would look great. Maybe an amazingly frustrating hobby for next off season lol http://www.handmadechess.co.uk/

They do 2 versions of each figure, the regular one and a rare one - only the rare ones are pretty… rare. Like you say, could be a fun/expensive way to create an NFL chess set :smiley: