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Second video "trap players"

Please watch, comment and share !!


Brilliant dude, I’m all subscribed up…

Maybe in a future video you could cover the different types of fantasy leagues inc standard re-drafts, keepers, IDP and PPR as well as free and money leagues, auctions, linear and serpentine orders and the benefits of each?

Yes I’m planning to cover those !!

You actually beat me to it, in the last couple of months I went out and bough a decent mike and tablet for creating video’s based on game concepts. Its an idea that would improve my understanding as I find the easiest way to learn something is actually in preparing to teach it… odd I know ; )

Well done on the vid’s, just one question… Where the hell are you?

Do you like the back drop

I hope to make it more slick each time !!

I’m actually using my tv as a green screen

Ok cool, I figured it was game pass or something along those lines… Yeh it works well

this deserves a bump

Nice one - very professional looking! A career with the NFL awaits : are you the new Michael Fabiano?!

Interested to hear your take on in-season trading if you get round to doing one on that

I’d be interested in that too especially if you can grab a quick interview with Shani or Chris!!!