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Relegation Style Redraft League Expansion

Last year I started a relegation style league with 36 owners. We have 3 levels of leagues with 12 teams each. At the end of the year, the top teams move up a league and the bottom teams move down.

This year we are opening up a second league in the middle tier so there are 12 spots open. The first 12 people to join will start in that league. After that, new players will fill in the dropouts and start in the bottom league. Below is a link to the full rules and how to signup.

I am collecting 2 years of fees because this league is best when people stay.

We also have a website.



Looks like a decent and different concept. Count me in!

Fantastic! The google doc has the instructions for paying the fees. Then send me an email (elinetw@gmail.com) with your phone number and I will add you to the WhatsApp Group.

There are still spots left, so if you know anyone else who wants to join, please invite them.