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Predict the Pick - NFL Draft competition

The draft is coming up and we did this last year with Gordon.
Massive fun so if you want in

League is outsiders68
Password Highlander

£10 each winner takes all

I’m the defending champion of this so come and beat me!!

I’m in. Don’t have your Paypal details so might need to figure those out.

Btw password is Highlander with a capital H.

Thanks for joining PayPal


This should be fun, especially as it seems to be a fully online contest this year. Last year the online facet just collapsed due to a high number of players being at my gaff but this year everybody will be playing online from whereverr they are watching it unfold. Sean have you considered an online chat group for it? Also have you thought about advertising at NFLUK? What happens on a tie? I had a tie for 3rd last year so it does happen ; )

Two good points

If there’s a tie those involved split the money I think that’s the fairest way as I’m not having second and third place prizes.
I guess we can use whatsapp and banter through that as most of us will be on it.
If there’s a better idea I’m all ears…

Thanks great points

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How all?!
How is this done by the number of the pick or the team picking? As I see big trades will be going down round 1
But I’ll join bit of fun I’m sure​:zambia::uk::sri_lanka:

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Changed the title and bumping this up incase a few more want to get involved.


Any more, think we are on 5 now… 8 would be good!

I will be channelling the spirit of Andy Reid next week - I am representing the Chiefs in the Gridiron Gentlemen podcast’s mock draft. Should be good practice for Sean’s game !

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Hi Shani,

Focus on which player gets picked at which position and not which team picks which player.

Was there some content removed from this thread?

I’m in - seems like a fun game.

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Going to be amazing the more the merrier

Sean - after this game lets get the Challengers league date sorted and we’ll start to get the league filled up.

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Sure thing dean

We are upto nine people now great stuff let’s get to twelve

So we’ve all got Goff #1 right?

(Disguised cheeky thread bump)

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