One Day Fantasy

Despite repeating one point over and over quite an interesting read. It does make me question whether we as a group should be doing our little bit to help spread the word, anybody? It also makes me wonder if One Day is dead just as it reaches us. We need access to the US player pools!


Something else I noticed tonight, a new golf fantasy site that looks really interesting. Sadly not yet targeting the UK but I let them know we are here :neutral_face:

Golf Sharks

Jim from Golf Sharks replied already! They have the UK in mind as a possible target for the future.

I got off to winning ways last week on DK, this week is all about determining if it was beginners luck or not :smirk:

Not the best article I’ve ever read - I’m still a little unsure what draft kings actual is?!!!

Hi Shani,

It’s your typical season long fantasy sports taken and re worked to function on a daily or weekly outcome. But I guess you know that bit. It has many plus and minus points. For me the plus are that I can forget about it for most of the week due to no pickups, drops or trades. The other obvious benefit are the weekly prizes and the ability to simply not play when you choose. The list goes on and on tbh and so if you find that interesting I would suggest signing up and taking part purely to get a feel for it. There are free games through to big £££ games.


Play on DraftKings and you can get access to the US pools. We already have the biggest premier league prize pools and some giant contests in all the US sports; including a $4m prize pool in the upcoming PGA.



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I agree entirely, I’m already active in the DK golf markets. My point is the more states that get taken down by laws the less US player pools of worth exist.