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NY vs Pats Metlife

Anyone by any chance might be going to the Patriots vs Giants game in Metlife? I’m tempted to book it up and go. But i wouldnt have a clue where to stay and how to get to the stadium etc. anyone can help me please let me know

Our LM BlueLionMan is usually full of helpful tips for requests like these. Watch this space dude.

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Hi David, glad you made it over here from Zone Coverage!

This thread is one talking about trips to the US - not just about New York but it gets a mention:

…and hopefully BlueLionMan will be able to add a few thoughts!

Yeah all my useful tips and hints on that are in other thread dude just read my posts there but also bare in mind things change and I not been to NYC since 2011.

However I used to travel pre-net days so it’s so much easier now. NYC can be expensive and depends what luxury your used to - I mean back in the day I was a back packer so rocked up at hostels - shared dorms with strangers and that but that’s not for everyone - alas the cheap hostel I used last time I was in NYC that was perfect just 2 a room and right next to a subway station in upper Manhattan I don’t think exists anymore - is a proper hotel now I think - tipped it off to someone and that’s what they came back to me saying so alas can’t recommend a place.

I would say Trip Advisor is really good place to start and find reviews plus ratings - bare in mind everyone has different standards and can’t believe people who expect high class in a hostel - you get what ya pay for but being a solo traveller accommodation was literally just for me to sleep at so as long as bedding was clean and no bugs it did me cause if I was awake I was out or making friends - one of the reasons I love hostels with communal areas as you find other people to team up with and do stuff.

Another website with loads of tips and ways of finding info and even people to stay with is CouchSurfing.com
Highly recommend you check it out to ask advise and get more uptodate info on NYC and places to stay.

Tip while in New York you can take the ferry to Staten Island for free and it passes the Statue of Liberty so can get some great photos especially at sunset if right time of year of both The Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan.

If you don’t have game tickets I bought of people in the Port Authority once who hawk there spares as people queue up to buy travel on coaches across to the Stadium. I have also met people who have gone there by train so there’s ways from the city to get out to Metlife on game day easy enough - see other thread for more info on that as Jon linked to above.

Hope that helps.

It’s been a while since I’ve been but I always recommend this place to people who go BALTHAZAR - it is NYC at its best

Enjoy the football nothing like it over there

cheers guys for the input

I was in NY last year and my biggest tip would be to avoid Manhattan for staying in. We had a hotel in Queens, 4 star with hot tub in the room as well as breakfast every morning and it was cheaper than your average 2 star shit hole in Manhattan.

It was only 3 or 4 tube stops away from 5th avenue and let’s face it, no matter where you are in NY you’re going to need to use the tube! It cost $30 for the 7 day pass as well.

NY is as expensive as you want to make it.